Top 5 Things Everybody Has in Their Home That Need to Go into Storage

No matter how well you hone your decluttering skills, or how well you continue to resist the urge to hoard, the fact remains that many of you will at some point have a few more belongings in the home than you can store. When this happens, people will invariably tackle the problem in one of these ways:

  • Recycling or throwing the extras away
  • Donating to charity
  • Trying to (messily) accommodate them somewhere in the home

If you desperately want to hold on to the items you hold dear, the most logical solution to the problem is usually to put them into storage. Here’s our top 5 list of items most likely to go into storage – maybe you can use it for some inspiration to kickstart your own storage plan!


This is a boring one to start, which is why it should be the biggest no-brainer for you to place into storage. The temptation to shred paperwork often lingers, but for certain pieces of sensitive information or important financial plans the fact remains you’ll need to keep hold of them, even in the digital age we live in today. Taking all of this necessary clutter to a secure storage facility is an easy solution for this common cause of clutter.

Children’s belongings

If you have children that live away for university or are away on their travels, chances are that they’ll have left behind a mountain of clothes, books and who knows what else for you to sift through. Storage facilities offer an easy fix for those of you who don’t want to let your kids off that easy – send it to us, they can sort it themselves later!

Baby clothes and equipment

Whether you have one on the way, or whether the loom of nostalgia is too much to cast aside just yet, many of us still find that baby clothes (and the multitude of accompanying products that come with them) cluttering up the home. Storage is the ideal compromise for those wanting to create some space whilst also having an on-call resource for whenever you feel like paying Memory Lane a visit.


Summer is now on the backburner – so how much use is that kitchen Ice Cream maker going to get over the next few months? Take your unneeded out of season electronic goods into storage and save them for a rainy day (or a sunny day, in this case).


Decorations can be expensive, and we wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to hold on to theirs to save the time and cost of replacing them annually for each of the holidays. However, many people simply don’t have the loft or conservatory space to accommodate all of those seasonal specialities all year round. The fact that these items are only required once per year makes them the ideal candidate to go into storage for the remaining 11 months of the calendar.

Whatever it is that you need to put into storage, you can rest assured that here at Spaces & Places we have the capability to suit your requirements. With facilities in Manchester, Nuneaton, Middlewich and Winsford, you’ll surely be able to find a location to ease your storage needs.