Tips for Starting a business

How many people have woken up at 7 am for work and dreaming about never having to do it again? We’d bet that a lot of you have, and to those of you that haven’t – we don’t believe you!

Becoming self-employed and owning a business is a dream for people the world over, but there are several obvious restraints which stop people from being able to pursue their ultimate goal. Some people cite a lack of time to get a business off the ground, some don’t have enough confidence to handle the legal side of proceedings, and lots of people find money to be a stumbling block. At Spaces and Places we love nothing more than to see a budding entrepreneur blossom, so take a few minutes out of your day to brush up on some of our business start-up tips – who knows, you could be well on your way to waving goodbye to your 9-5 in no time!

Finding the time

Time is, unfortunately, the one thing we can’t buy more of. You can, however, get ahead of the curve and create yourself sometimes when starting your business by taking into account one keyword – Planning. Unlike in films or television, the majority of businesses aren’t just created on a whim. Several months, and often years of planning had been done prior to the launch of most of the world’s major businesses which meant that once launched, a large portion of the hard work had already been done. Even if your business seems a million miles away from reality at the moment, start to think about it today – you’ll reap the rewards later.

Finding the money

Money is the key reason most potential business owners don’t follow their dream. Whilst this is admittedly a major hurdle to jump for most, it certainly isn’t insurmountable. Saving up should be a process that begins whilst still in employment, as should building some of your client base as well as your business plan. All of these steps ensure financial security and once potential investors see that you’ve done the legwork, you’ll be in a fantastic position to really capitalise and get some serious financial backing.

Thinking Outside the box

Business owners are often great problem solvers, and what better problem solver is there than self-storage when it comes to starting a business? Storage units not only offer a space for a business owner to store their surplus belongings when looking to start working from home but if home-space is at a premium then the option to actually use a storage unit as workspace is open too! Self-storage units offer an affordable and secure solution for any cash-strapped entrepreneur when compared to a traditional office lease. Whilst not a lifetime solution, the avoidance of council tax as well as business rates is a major attraction for using a storage unit as office space to get your idea off the ground.

If you like the sound of a cheaper alternative to office space and would like to enquire further about availability, you can get in touch with any of our facilities in ManchesterNuneatonMiddlewich or Winsford today to find out more.