Seasonal Storage Swaps

As we draw towards the end of 2019, and indeed the decade (incredible, we know!), we think we can all agree that unfortunately summer is now well and truly over. But with the end of summer comes Autumn, and with Autumn comes Halloween. It is indeed now the season for pumpkins, trick or treaters and last but not least, fancy dress parties. Summer being over isn’t ALL bad at least!

Given the ever-changing décor demands associated with the change of seasons, a key issue many homeowners encounter throughout any given year is that of space. If you happen to be a worrier then you’ve certainly come to the right place, as Spaces and Places are on hand with your storage solution, as well as a quarterly guide on your seasonal storage swaps. Take a few moments to read up on some of our tips on navigating your storage issues from season to season – hopefully by the time you’ve finished you’ll be wondering what all your previous fussing was about!

September > October

As the end of September approaches, you’ll want to pack away your summer touches to pave the way for Autumn, and of course Halloween. Pack up all of your hammocks, paddling pools, lounge chairs, fans, ice boxes and anything else that is taking up any unwanted space around the home – once you’ve reclaimed the real estate you need it’s time to take a trip to your storage unit, where you’ll find a host of scares waiting for you to take home and fill the home with in preparation for spooky season.

October > November

Once the Halloween (and Bonfire Night) festivities are out of the way, it’s time to think about Santa, presents and Eggnog – yes, the countdown to Christmas is on. Gather up any looming cobwebs, tombstones, skulls, lanterns and Pumpkin Spice Latte recipes and take them to your storage unit, because you’ll need to make room for the uber-busy period to come.

December > January

Christmas and new year have been and gone, as have more relatives than you remembered you even had – now it’s time to purge. Christmas trees, an infinite amount of decorations, the now empty stockings… everything must go! For most people the end of Christmas signals the onset of a blue January, but for homeowners short on free space it allows you to reclaim the space which has been taken up by presents for the last 6 weeks, and decorate the home the way you think it should be on a day-to-day basis.

April > May

Longer days and warmer weather are thankfully back on the agenda, and so are BBQs, sun loungers and swimming pools – head over to your storage facility to collect everything you need to make sure your home is ready for another summer from the get-go.

Storage units really are the ideal stressbuster when it comes to instances such as this. Most families choose to cram their seasonal needs and decorations in the home all-year-round, causing the home to look messy and creating unnecessary stress for the people involved.

If you’re interested in this solution for your space worries, you can be sure that whichever Space and Places site you choose – whether that be ManchesterNuneaton & AtherstoneMiddlewich or Winsford, you’ll be able to relax – safe in the knowledge that all of those possessions held nearest and dearest are as secure as could be, season to season, year-to-year.