Report Reveals Extreme Measures We Take To Squeeze Into Our Homes

A new survey has shown that the average home in Britain has shrunk by 40% in the last 80 years.

New houses have fewer, less spacious rooms and lower ceilings, leaving many families with inadequate storage room for furniture or even kitchen appliances.

In 1920, the average new large family home had five bedrooms over 3,440 square feet. But today, this has now dropped to just four bedrooms and 2,409 square feet according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

A typical semi has gone from 1,647sq ft. to 925sq ft., losing one of its four bedrooms.

Terraced houses have shrunk from three bedrooms and 1,020sq ft. to two bedrooms and 645sq ft.

2012 report “The Way We Live Now” by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) revealed that people in the UK are lacking space to store even basic items.

The report, based on interviews with a few carefully selected families, revealed that homeowners are not just in need of storage space for seasonal or nostalgic possessions such as an artificial Christmas tree or their old wedding dress, but their homes lack space to store very basic household items.

A vacuum cleaner stored at Mum’s house a 20-minute drive away and supermarket food deals kept in the boot of the car are just two of the real-life examples of how some British households revealed they are constrained by lack of space in their homes.

When there’s hardly even room for a hoover, space for private time begins to seem like an impossible luxury, which could be the reason why more and more people are turning to self-storage as the solution to cluttered personal and business lives.

Self-storage units give you the freedom to store all types of goods, from valuable items to sports equipment to general household furniture and appliances.

Spaces and Paces self-storage units provide you with an option to have:

·      Your own private space

·      Individually alarmed storage rooms

·      24/7 access

·      Sole right to own its key

·      Video surveillance inside and outside

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