How to Maximise Space in Your Storage Unit

When people move into Spaces and Places self-storage unit they often unload all their possessions by piling everything up and leaving it there.

Which is all well and good until you return to your unit to find something!

Once you have taken the first steps of contacting a self-storage facility, you will then have to select which size unit will suit your needs.

We offer three convenient sizes:

·      20ft x 8ft x 8ft, approx. 150 square feet, approx. 1200 cubic feet.

·      10ft x 8ft x 8ft, approx. 75 square feet, approx. 561 cubic feet.

·      8ft x 8ft x 8ft, approx. 64 square feet, approx. 500 cubic feet.

Only Rent as Much Space as you Need

Don’t be fooled by thinking that bigger is always better. You don’t want to end up with a huge storage unit with only a few boxes stacked in the corner. The key is to be realistic about how much room you need and maximise the space in your unit by organising it properly.

Install Shelving

Get a few heavy-duty stackable units and set them up against one or two of the container walls. From there, you can put anything on the shelves that aren’t easily stackable. This way you are clearing up some valuable floor space and you are taking advantage of the vertical height in the storage unit.

Stack Boxes

Once you have got all the awkward shaped, non-stackable items off the floor you can then think about investing in some sturdy boxes. Use similar sized boxes that will fit together like puzzle pieces.


With a bit of organisation, even furniture can be carefully stacked in such a way so as to increase and maximise available space for storage. Taking the time to plan and calculate how you will store your items in a storage unit can help you to maximise available space.

Be Selective

Remember that your storage unit isn’t necessarily where you should store everything that can’t fit in your house. Self-storage should not be an alternative to throwing out or donating your unused items. A storage unit should only house what you know you’re going to use in the near future.

If you are not clear about any aspect of self-storage, speak to us. We are here to offer cost-effective and practical solutions to your storage requirements based on our experience of working successfully with both individuals and companies. Get in touch to find out more!