Maximising Space When Working from Home

It is estimated that every week over 2,000 new businesses start life in a bedroom, around a kitchen table or down in the garden shed. Research from Enterprise Nation shows that the home is now the most popular place to launch a new business.

Working from home has great advantages – you can save time and money on the daily commute and spend more time with your family, however anyone who has ever worked

from home knows that office space comes at a premium.

Whether you are turning over stock via an online shop, or getting inundated with documents and paperwork from clients, businesses running from home can quickly overflow into attics, spare rooms and garages.

While using up household storage space for your business may seem like a good idea at first, when you come to find a place to store your vacuum cleaner or put up a guest for the night, you may find yourself in an unforgiving battle for space.

Many businesses running from home are now turning to self-storage as a practical and helpful solution to storage problems. Our customer’s requirements range from long-term file storage to short term storage of extra or seasonal stock. Whatever it is you wish to store, you can rest assured that it will remain in great condition, with no restriction on access to your unit.

There are signs that the number of people working from home is on the increase, as research has shown that over 3 million Brits now consider home their primary place of work, rising by almost a third in the last decade. With new technology making it easier to communicate with the office from a different location, working from home has never been more accessible.

Space and Places provide the perfect ‘on demand’ solution to your business workspace needs. We are completely flexible and you can increase and decrease your space as and when you require.

Minimising costs is essential for any business, especially one running from home, so Spaces and Places make it as cost effective as possible to rent out storage space.

So if you are faced with prospect of a vacuum cleaner for a co-worker, get in touch to see how Spaces and Places could help you!