Storing your Classic Car

Classic, vintage and veteran cars are treasured possessions, and they cry out for special care. When not in use, they need to be stored somewhere ‒ and the garage at home may not be a suitable option.

Classic, vintage and veteran cars can be worth a lot ‒ from tens of thousands to many millions of pounds. It is hard to clarify what is meant by ‘classic car’ as the exact definition varies from country to country, however, it is usually accepted that in the UK, classic cars cover three categories:

· ‘Veteran car’ (pre First World War – prior to 1919)

· ‘Vintage car’ (1919 and 1930)

· ‘Post-vintage’ car (1930’s)

Generally speaking, a ‘classic car’ is either built before 1973 or more than 15 years old and worth in excess of £15,000.

Classic cars often lack what we now consider basic safety features, such as seat belts, crumple zones and airbags and for this reason, many people choose to collect the vehicles rather than drive them on a day to day basis.

This raises the issue of storage for classic cars.

Why leave your treasured classic car exposed on your drive or roadside when you can keep your vehicle in a dry, safe, secure storage unit?

When parked and unused, classic cars can be vulnerable to theft and deterioration through atmospheric conditions (notably damp) and lack of use.

Whether you need storage because you are going away, feel your car needs extra security, or want to overwinter your car in dry conditions, we are confident we can offer you the perfect solution.

Classic car storage can be costly and inconvenient but at Spaces and Places, we can offer great value, high-quality storage, ideal for even the most prized marquees.

All our classic car storage units offer:

· Excellent storage conditions – drive straight into our airtight units with fixed ventilation to keep your car in peak condition.

· High-security levels – not only does each unit have individual security, but both our self-storage facilities offer secure fencing and CCTV for extra peace of mind.

· Full access – no restrictions with 24/7 access as standard.

· Fully insured – if required we can help you arrange insurance.

With our three convenient locations in Nuneaton, Winsford and Manchester, your classic car storage won’t restrict your enjoyment – you can be travelling down that open road as soon as you’d like!

Contact us at Spaces and Places to find out more.