Self-Storage – The Latest Celebrity Craze

Despite their multi-million pound mansions and acres of land, it seems that even celebrities struggle with clutter and overflowing homes just as much as anyone else. It’s therefore unsurprising that some of Hollywood’s finest turn to self-storage to store their prized possessions.

While not every celebrity’s self-storage habits will make the front page, there have been some interesting and entertaining incidents over the years. Spaces and Places bring you just a few of the most memorable A-List storage tales.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

It seems that new mother Kim Kardashian learnt the value of self-storage after her daughter North was born last June. A move into a new home and the birth of a child are the two most common reasons people turn to self-storage, which prompted US storage facility SpareFoot to offer the new family one years worth of free storage, valued at $1,000.

SpareFoot CEO Chuck Gordon said: “We realize Kim and Kanye can easily afford to rent storage space. However, as a way to congratulate them on their new bundle of joy and to help ease the transition into their new home, SpareFoot is extending this storage offer to the proud new parents”

Burt Reynolds

The 78-year-old actor kept his possessions in a self-storage unit for years, but it wasn’t until he stopped paying and the contents were auctioned off that it was revealed what a hoarder the iconic film star was. The unit contained items from the film Deliverance, personalised notes from Steve McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor and Cary Grant, an Emmy Award and a horse carriage built by Dolly Parton. The items were purchased by fans and now form part of the Burt Reynolds Museum in Florida.

Paris Hilton

The auctioning of the socialite’s unit caused a media frenzy, with the highest bidder securing the contents for $2,775. Rumour has it that the unit contained personal diaries along with a number of revealing photos. After taking ownership, the bidder sold the contents of the unit to a gossip site for a small fortune.

Lindsay Lohan

The actresses unit was set to go up for auction if she did not come up with the rent she owed, totalling $16,000. It’s rumoured that the star reached out to friends and family to front the money, and since the sale was never made public it’s safe to assume that they did!

Lionel Richie

The R&B singer used a self-storage to park his tour bus so that his soon to be ex-wife couldn’t find it.

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