Storage for Students Over Summer

Moving home from University for summer can be an exciting but stressful time.

While students are trying to cram in last-minute coursework deadlines, parents are often left wondering how on earth they’re going to fit all their accumulated gear into the spare room.

So if you’re heading back to the parent’s house for the summer, Spaces and Places bring you a few tips on how to pack and store your stuff in the easiest way possible.


·      Use good quality, sturdy boxes so your stuff doesn’t end up falling through the bottom

·      Protect fragile possessions with plenty of bubble wrap

·      Organise your clothes into ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ bags so you can unpack as quickly as possible when you get home


When the time comes to pack up and move home for the summer, it can be a big shock when you realise just how much stuff you have accumulated!

As well as food, suitcases and piles of laundry, chances are you will also be carting home the contents of your university digs over the summer break.

It’s likely that your mum won’t want half of the contents of Ikea moving back into the garage or spare room at the end of term, so why not consider putting your stuff into self-storage?

Using a storage facility doesn’t have to be daunting and we can assure you that you can store anything safely and securely with us, from textbooks to computers and university furniture. All of our units are steel containers with wooden floors, fixed ventilation and rubber door seals so your stuff will be kept secure, clean and dry.

One of the benefits of choosing Spaces and Places Self Storage unit is that we offer 24 hours access to your possessions. You won’t have to take any time off work or university to come and drop off/collect your things.

Spaces and Places offer storage facilities at three key locations around the UK. If you need to travel to and from major Universities in Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield or Leeds then our conveniently located storage facilities could be the ideal solution!

If you would like to find out more about renting a storage unit this summer, then get in touch today!