Spaces and Places get involved with Nuneaton Foodbank

Collection points for picking up food has taken off in Nuneaton, and we are proud to say that Spaces and Places are a part of the Nuneaton Foodbank.

Nuneaton Foodbank is one of over 400 foodbanks nationwide. The foodbank’s aim is to help locals who are struggling for food, not to have to struggle anymore.

They have created a system that is easy to follow, easy to help and easy to get involved.

1.     Donate – Anybody can donate food, and you may even see volunteers asking you to add on an item at your local supermarket. Once you have paid for the extra food you have purchased, a volunteer will then take the food to a foodbank warehouse.

2.     Store It – Once the food arrives at the warehouse, volunteers then arrange the food according to the type, best before date and damages. The food is then taken to the foodbank centres where it is then made into food parcels.

3.     Clients – Anybody who is eligible for foodbank vouchers, go to a food bank centre and exchange their voucher for food. The nutritional food will last them for three days.

4.     Stay in touch – Obviously, this is a short term solution. Volunteers stay in touch with the clients and find a long term solution so they will not be in this position again.

Since the launch in 2013, 11,891 people (4,353 were children) have received food. The food and support have helped adults and children out of crisis situations.

Ask yourself, can you afford to buy an extra pack of long grain rice? If your answer is yes, then why not help somebody in your local area. A pack of long grain rice might not sound like much, but to somebody, it is everything.

If you want to help out local people struggling for food, head over to the Nuneaton foodbank website and become involved.

Let’s make a difference together, and help local people not go hungry.