Seasonal Storage and Weather Patterns in England Part II

Last month in Part I, we focused on the decorations that appeal to us and the different activities we all take part in through the winter and spring months. The weather has a large effect on the leisure activities we take part in, and if we are not careful, these activities can result in a cluttered home.

Read on for part II…


When you no longer need to wear a coat outside, we can officially say summer has arrived. The majority of people head to the beach and take part in water-orientated sports. If you own canoes, kayaks or a boat, you will understand how difficult it is to find a suitable place for these items in your house. Summer is also a time to hold parties and gatherings, so we all can take advantage of the lukewarm weather. Instead of placing your water orientated items and party items in the garage, why not rent out a storage unit?


Not wanting the summer to end, you may be tempted to go on holiday before the winter months kick in. However, with the weather in England being unreliable and for your own peace of mind, place items, which are meaningful and valuable to you in a storage unit. If you are curious about the safety of your items then feel free to read our blog on security at Spaces and Places.

Storage units help you organise your house depending on the seasons. We use a Christmas tree and decorations one month out of the whole year, so why let it take up valuable space for the next 11 months? The same applies to canoes and other water-based sports. When the sun is shining you head to the beach, however, where do you keep these items during the winter months?

If you want to make sure your items are not taking up valuable space in your homes, then call Spaces and Places today.