Spaces and Places is Putting Customers First

Prices have gone up, technology has advanced, thinking has progressed; all in all, we are moving forward. One thing that seems to be declining in many areas, however, seems to be customer service. You are much more likely to hear about poor service than you are anything positive nowadays and so when someone does provide excellent service, it can be something of a novelty.

Spaces and Places who provide self-storage Winsford area as well as across the West Midlands are equally frustrated by the decline in basic good customer service skills and so strive to ensure that at any of their sites, visitors both new and existing, can expect the high level of service and welcome that has earned them a reputation for being a most helpful and friendly company.

Spaces and Places work to identify with the needs of their customers to make organising self-storage Winsford a pleasurable experience rather than a chore. Access to the containers is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and staff at the storage Winsford and across the West Midlands are available on the phone from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm every day including Bank Holidays. Few self-storage companies can boast such a dedicated team presence to answer any and all questions from new and long term customers.

In addition to this service, Spaces and Places offers short term contracts of only one week at a time to provide complete flexibility for their customers. It only requires a quick call to the self-storage Winsford site to give a week’s notice and provided the unit is cleared by the end of the week, read to be cleaned and re-let, any outstanding monies already paid will be immediately refunded, along with the deposit. Spaces and Places want to make life easy, they want customers to enjoy the friendly service and come back time and time again.

To make life easier for customers you can pay for storage in a variety of ways, with cheque, cash, debit and credit cards and even bank transfer. Even the payment system is easy. When paying by card, which is the most common method used, Spaces and Places will keep details on file for the duration of a customer’s contract, taking payments when needed and as advised and agreed rather than sending numerous invoices and reminders, saving time and effort all around.

For those that purchase a minimum of three months of storage at once, Spaces and Places have a special offer that means they will now, subject to distance, collect items for storage for you. Whether you use the storage Winsford units or other local sites, Spaces and Places can take the hassle out of arranging and actually storing your goods. This can be done at a time convenient to the customer and there is no extra charge.

Clearly Spaces and Places’ commitment to being a most helpful, reliable and friendly service has paid off as customers are choosing self-storage Winsford units time and time again for both short and long term use and are recommending them to their friends, family and colleagues. If you want proof of how friendly, professional and on the ball, this company is, give them a call now to discuss your storage needs.