Tidy up the office and enjoy a clear and organised work environment

Any office regardless of the function of the business or service will have an abundance of paperwork being stored within filing cabinets, on shelves, under desks and piled up beside the photocopier. Legal requirements, as well as good practice, dictate that certain records and files must be kept for a period of time.

There is no legal requirement however for the paperwork to be stored in the office, cluttering up the area and potentially creating a health and safety risk. In any work environment, there should be a risk assessment in place to ensure staff and visitors are safe, can move around unobstructed and aren’t at risk of having overloaded shelves collapse on them. A dramatic example but in a small office space it is difficult to store excess amounts of paperwork safely.

Lock N’ Leave storage Warwickshire has the perfect solution to the over-crowded office scenario, offering safe and secure storage at a very reasonable rate. With storage containers starting at eight square foot there is an appropriately sized container for any office needs.

For those concerned with accessing archived paperwork when required, this is not an issue as there is twenty-four-hour access to the storage units.

As well as clearing some legroom and making risk assessments easier to compile and read, tidying up the office so it becomes clutter-free can be great for productivity. University studies have shown that over a period of time a workforce tend to be more motivated, less distracted and generally more productive in an organised and clutter-free working environment that in a messy one. An office that looks great and promotes harder working employees is never going to be a bad thing and Lock N’Leave Warwickshire is very eager to help you achieve this.

The units at Lock N’Leave storage Warwickshire are clean, dry and you can arrange your items for storage any way you wish so that should you need to check up on something it will be easy to find. There are so many reasons why Lock N’Leave storage Warwickshire is the most convenient method of self-storage.

Anything can be stored in the containers so as well as more permanent archives you can store the seasonal items that take up valuable space in the office such as promotional items for Christmas, and of course the office tree and decoration as well as anything else that can’t be disposed of permanently but doesn’t need to be accessed for long periods of time. Office self-storage Warwickshire is the perfect solution to all those dust-collecting items that staff and visitors fall over on a daily basis.

The benefits of clearing the office and using Lock N’Leave storage Warwickshire are undeniable, but with all things, the costs have to be the deciding factor. With Lock N’Leave’s pricing starting at just £16.50 a week for safe, secure and insured (this is extra and will be added to the weekly cost if it is required) self-storage service means the move makes perfect sense both financially and with regards to the overall wellbeing of staff and the office environment.