Strangest Finds on Storage Hunters

If you own a television you’ll probably be aware of the hit reality TV series Storage Hunters by now. The unlikely hit has become so popular that our customers often ask us about the show!

The US series was so popular with viewers that it soon became channel Dave’s top-performing series, and a UK version was commissioned premiering back in October.

Fronted by auctioneer & comedian Sean Kelly, the show follows a host of colourful characters all trying to make big money by bidding on the contents of repossessed storage units.

While rooting through someone’s unwanted cast-offs might not sound like a recipe for a smash hit TV show, it has made for compulsive viewing.

Below are the top weirdest finds that the people in Storage Hunters have found in their storage lockers over the years:

1.    An explosive – The group were surprised when opening one of the units on the show triggered an explosion!

2.    Whale poo – Brandon from the show opened a unit to find a jar of whale poo

3.    Pythons – The team uncovered a transparent box filled with albino pythons

4.    A collection of hands – A unit containing hand sculptures, doll hands, hand posters, a hand clock, and a (fake) hand in formaldehyde was found by highest bidder Jesse

5.    Flamethrower – Lori opened a unit to discover a real-life flamethrower

6.    Swarm of bees – Opening one unit unleashed a swarm of angry bees

7.    Coffin – The winning bidder discovered a locked coffin containing a suit and an empty urn.

8.    Mannequins & paintings of eerie nudes – which weren’t worth a lot!

9.    Farm tools – The team actually found a jar used by farmers to collect bulls semen

10. A naked man – Once let out of the unit, the naked man ran off down the street!

In an interview with Hull Daily Mail, American auctioneer Sean Kelly revealed that despite the weird findings in the US show, us Brits also have a tendency to store some weird and wonderful objects. He said:

“As you might expect, some items which are very old, much older than you find in the States. And some obscure things that I’ve never seen in the US, like in Ipswich there was a company who rented out personal hovercraft, and they lost their bin. So I actually got an opportunity to drive that hovercraft – it’s not on camera, but I jump into this thing with no training, no nothing, and immediately this amazing joy came over me and I thought, ‘I gotta buy a hovercraft!”

With so many unusual finds, it’s no wonder we’re hooked on the show!