Couples Have 32 Rows a Year over Clutter!

Moving in together is one of the most exciting steps that a couple can take but according to a new study, the glow soon wears off and it’s all thanks to clutter.

The study revealed that couples typically have 32 arguments a year over the amount of clutter in their home, with half saying that they regularly argued about their partner having ‘too much stuff.’

Whether it’s inherited knick-knacks, dusty sports equipment or bin bags full of unworn clothes, it seems that growing amounts of clutter are pushing couples apart. Arguments over clutter even led 1 in 8 spouses to ‘accidentally’ break something belonging to their partner, with a further 44% to throw away items they wanted to keep. Items most likely to face the chop were:

Clothes 42% Furniture 36% Books 33%

Psychologist Anjula Mutanda told the Daily Mail: ‘Moving from ‘my own space’ to ‘our shared space’ can be thrilling, but this big step can also cause emotional stress.

‘This is because your home is your sanctuary and reflects who you are, so inviting someone to live with you can feel a bit like being invaded by someone else’s belongings.

‘This can result in subconscious ‘space guarding’ where you use your possessions to mark out your territory and any perceived violation of this by your partner could cause tensions.

‘The key to a harmonious relationship is to work as a team. Communicate by discussing practicalities out in the open, negotiate what stays and what goes and be willing to compromise.

‘Deciding together how to create an equal and shared space will help to ensure that living together is an enjoyable and positive experience.’

Are you living in clutter? Has a cluttered home led to a cluttered relationship?

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