Top Tips for Moving in With Your Partner

Moving in with a partner is a very special time, but it also has the possibility of bringing stress and tension. We at Spaces and Places want to share our top tips for moving in with your partner to make sure that the transition happens as smoothly as possible.


Both you and your partner are likely to be moving in together from different houses and with two people moving into one home, it means twice the belongings are moving in too. Something you should do early on before the move begins is evaluate what you’ll both be bringing to the new house as you may have two of the same thing which would only go to waste and take up space. Look at what items can be given to charity, thrown away or simply put into storage for use at another time.

Consider Your Partners Hobbies

Following on from the above point, you also need to take into account any hobbies your partner has. It’s not enough just looking at each other’s current belongings and deciding what will fit in the new house. If they are a keen cyclist or skier for example, you will find that they have equipment or specialised clothing that they need to store somewhere. If this is the case, then consider investing in a self-storage unit for this.

Loft Space

Loft space isn’t always guaranteed in a new home, especially if you and your partner are moving into a flat or smaller space, but it might be something that you’re used to having in your old family home. You’ll have to be pretty ruthless with what you would originally store up there and decide whether it’s of any use to keep. Items like Christmas decorations which are usually kept up there for the festive period could now be stored in storage units and brought out as and when they’re needed.

Renovating Stress

If you’re choosing to renovate a property with your partner, then you’ll soon find that your house becomes a building site and that’s not somewhere you want your belongings to be kept. Not only could they become damaged and dusty, it’s likely to cause a lot of stress with belongings piling up in your only living space. Consider a temporary storage solution to prevent this stress whilst keeping your belongings safe before they can be moved back in to your newly renovated home.

Thankfully, Spaces and Places offer self-storage options which are a great option for mediating this change. Belongings can be moved to and from self-storage to make sure the balance of belongings between you and your partner is right for the both of you, without having to throw away belongings both of you would wish to keep.

Whether it be furniture, sports or equipment, or decorations, self-storage offers the perfect solution for you and your partner. Get in touch today for more information.