Winter Motorbike Storage Nuneaton

With winter fast approaching you may be thinking about a safe, secure location to store your motorcycle over the next few months.

It can be a struggle to maintain a motorbike throughout the winter months and ensure it stays in top condition. With Spaces and Places self-storage, you can store your prized two-wheeler with complete peace of mind.

Read on for some top reasons why you should get your motorbike into storage this winter…

Increased security

For most motorbike owners, security is the top of the list of priorities. An unsecured motorbike is an easy target for thieves, especially when it’s stored on a drive. If you are worried about a potential breach at your home then self-storage provides the perfect solution.

Here at Spaces and Places we take security very seriously and pride ourselves on offering the safest storage environment possible for motorcycles. Our high security, lockbox fitted units are monitored 24/7 by the top of the range CCTV cameras, giving you complete peace of mind that your motorbike is protected from any outside threats.

Ground floor units

Unlike many other facilities, Spaces and Places storage units in Nuneaton are all located on the ground floor. This means you will be able to ride your motorbike straight into your unit, making storing and moving your bike completely hassle-free.

Reclaim space at home

While some people can store their motorcycles in a garage or shed, others are forced to overwinter their bikes in the hallway or other room of the house.

If you’re in need of some extra space at home, put your motorcycle into self-storage to give your family some much-needed breathing space.

Protect your bike

As soon as the skies turn grey and the rain begins to fall, bikers will be looking for a dry place to store their motorcycle. Our high-quality steel containers offer wooden floors, fixed ventilation and rubber door seals, making them ideal for protecting your bike against the elements.

With winter bike storage from Spaces and Places, you can ensure your pride and joy stays safe and protected all season long…and all for a lower cost than you may think!

Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your options.