How Families Can Use Self Storage to Save Space

Any growing family knows that storage space is a premium.

To make things a bit easier Spaces and Places bring you our guide on how families can take advantage of self-storage to help ease stress, declutter their homes and reclaim that spare room.

Store kids stuff

One of the biggest issues for families with young children is the amount of baby ‘stuff’ you acquire. If your home is drowning in toys, gifts and childcare equipment then self-storage can help you store any odd bits you’ve acquired, to use further down the line or when the next baby comes along.

Store clothing

Families commonly look to self-storage as a way to store seasonal clothing.

Clothes storage can put a big strain on any home, especially when you have children who seem to outgrow clothing instantly! With our secure, clean and dry storage units you can rely on Spaces and Places to store your family’s seasonal clothing, giving your wardrobe some much-needed breathing space all throughout the year.

Ease stress

Did you know that excessive clutter in the home is often a key cause of stress? When you have a family clutter can quickly take over, causing tension, arguments and a great deal of emotional stress. Relieve stress instantly by using self-storage for any overspill in your home.

Don’t move, add space!

When you’re a growing family, you may be fooled into thinking that upsizing is the only way you’ll be able to fit comfortably in your home.

However, with self-storage from Spaces and Places, you may be surprised at how much room you can reclaim without having to move at all. Relieve your spare room of junk or you may even want to consider clearing out your garage or loft to convert into an extra bedroom.


If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and the kids have all moved out, you’ll probably be considering downsizing. It’s likely that once you move you’ll have too much stuff, most of which you won’t want to throw away. self-storage can help you preserve memories you won’t have enough space for after you have downsized.