4 Ways to Declutter Your Office

1. Office furniture

Businesses are constantly evolving and often experience a fluctuation in staff numbers.

If your business downsizes then you’ll probably be left with a few bits of surplus office furniture.

Office chairs, desks and sets of drawers are too bulky to be kept on standby so why not put spare furniture into a storage unit until you require the use of them again.

2. Documents

When you work in an office, you can quickly find yourself sinking under a sea of paperwork.

Companies often need to hold onto bank statements, receipts, invoices and important letters for a certain length of time, despite the fact that they’ll never need to actually access them.

This can be frustrating and put increasing strain on already limited office space. If your office has started to resemble a warehouse of folders, Document Storage from Spaces and Places can help you transform your cluttered workspace into an oasis of calm.

3. Stock

Storing stock in your office doesn’t just take up valuable floor space, it can also put your business at risk of a security breach.

If you’re struggling to accommodate large amounts of stock but need it to meet supply and demand then why not consider renting a Spaces and Places storage unit?

By putting all your stock into a unit you can reclaim your workspace whilst keeping it safe and secure 24 hours a day.

4. Tools

Whether you’re a plumber, builder or gardener, working as a tradesperson regularly requires the use of a number of different tools.

When office space fills up with tools and equipment, it can start to become an unwanted distraction and keep you from focusing on the task in hand.

Many businesses are surprised at how the flexibility of a Spaces and Places storage unit can actually ADD VALUE to their company! Why not get in touch today to find out how decluttering your office with help from Spaces and Places could help your business flourish.