6 Of The Biggest Storage Unit Finds in the UK

Quite often, old storage units contain little more than spare clothing, old furniture, health and fitness equipment or old memorabilia.

However, sometimes a storage unit can contain an incredible treasure trove and this can be true of anywhere so when you rent a storage unit in Manchester, just imagine what might be hidden a few feet away from your possessions.

1. Elvis Papers

Newspapers may not be the first valuable item that springs to mind but they can be worth quite a lot when they document something important. In 2010, a cache of well-preserved newspapers that covered Elvis Presley’s death on the 16th of August 1977 was discovered. Thanks to their condition and the event in question, these papers were worth more than £75,000.

2. Lost Art

Forgotten art is always a great find. When a storage locker was found to contain original artwork by Frank Gutierez, an investment of a few thousand pounds turned into a profit exceeding £250,000.

3. Pirate’s Treasure

All treasure hunters dream of pirate’s gold. This literally happened when a locker was found to contain 16th-century Spanish gold. While it may not be the same as following a treasure map, the £500,000 pound reward was no less valuable for it.

4. Bugatti 57S Atlante

Sometimes valuable items are known about but are simply unavailable for a long time. This was the case for this Bugatti 57S Atlante which had been pursued by collectors but was unavailable until its owner’s death at which time it was moved to storage and then became available for public auction. Sometimes it pays to be lucky and sometimes you just need to pay attention.

5. Fine Wines

In 2017 three friends put £260 in together on a storage unit in Middlesborough. Their investment paid off when they received the odd combination of vintage French wine from 1943, a Suffolk court log from the early 18th century and a digeridoo. All told the collection netted them tens of thousands of pounds.

6. Abandoned by Bond?

An Aston Martin DB2/4 spent over 50 years hiding in a storage unit in England. What makes this find so special is that despite the length of time, the car was kept in near-ideal conditions. Not only that but only a few hundred of this model were ever made and a minority of those were left-hand drive.

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