Declutter in 2013 with Nuneaton self storage

Whatever happened to 2012? Soon Christmas will be out the way and another year of getting round to decluttering will have passed. But for householders in Nuneaton and Atherstone, Spaces and Places Nuneaton self-storage facility offers a great value way to store unwanted items – and January offers an ideal month to get around to that decluttering.

Post-Christmas but before the return to work, school or college, the early days in January is a time as the family is together regularly. It is also a time when the home appears to be at its fullest – with new toys, presents and all the items stored out of the way for the Festive season. At Spaces and Places, we often have increased capacity in the New Year at our Nuneaton self-storage units as the business needs less storage for stock now that the Christmas season is out of the way. The chances are we will be able to find a storage unit for your possessions.

De-cluttering takes planning and an iron discipline. Anything you don’t use on a regular basis and that is taking up valuable space needs to be ‘in the mix’. Our Nuneaton self-storage option means you don’t actually have to get rid of possessions – but you can free up space in the house. Or garages. Or outbuilding. Or loft.

Get all the family involved. Ask them to sort out the items into three categories: items they can dispose of; items they don’t use daily but still need; and items they use regularly. But don’t take their word for it – its natural to want to hang on to as much as possible. Set a day to de-clutter and make sure everyone is on hand to help out.

Items that are no longer needed can be donated to charity, sold on eBay or Gumtree or – in the last resort – taken to the tip. Lots of Nuneaton and Atherstone charities need plenty of donations after Christmas, and may also collect if you have plenty of good quality items.

The items in the last category stay in the home, and those in the middle are destined our Nuneaton self-storage units. If you are not sure what size unit you need, give us a call – and you can ask us about our discounts for long term lets if you are planning to be around for most of 2013. Our units are all on the ground floor so there are no stairs to make life difficult.

A good clear out will give a new lease of life to the family home. Imagine starting 2013 without clutter. Looks and sounds good, doesn’t it. Don’t just dream, make 2013 the Year of No Clutter.