House Prices to Keep Rising Over the Next Five Years

 If you are looking to buy a house, you will have noticed how prices keep increasing. More young adults are living at home and families have to settle for houses that are too small for everybody to live comfortably.

The Mortgage Advice Bureau stated that the average down payment for a house in December 2015 was an outstanding £81,721. Compared to December in 2014, this figure has increased by 15 per cent. This increase of prices mean more people have to borrow money over a longer period, and The Week states that “one in four people living with their parents expect not to be able to afford their own home until the age of 35.”

Over the next five years, house prices are to keep rising, which is not a positive sign for people who want to purchase a larger house, or for first time buyers.

The first question you have to ask yourself is “do I have to move?” If you purely want to move house because you need more space, we may have a few tips and tricks, which will save you tens of thousands of pounds.

Do you have a storage room?

Everybody is guilty of having an area where they store their junk. Whether it’s Christmas decorations, letters, sports equipment or important documents; everybody is guilty of hoarding. Every week, focus on a room. Items that you can live without for a few months, place them in a box. Once you have finished every room in your house, you will have boxes full of clothes, books, papers etc.

At Spaces and Places, we have self-storage units, document storage units and business spaces. By placing your items in a storage unit, you will magically have more space in your house, and do you remember that storage room you took advantage of? You now have an extra room in your house.

Is your garage full?

Empty your garage. Half of the items you will come across, you will have forgotten you had. Now the exciting part comes. The garage is now a space that you can convert to a room. The choice is all yours. You can finally have that man cave you have dreamt about, or you can turn the space into an office. The options are endless.

Call  Spaces and Places today to start making your house clutter-free.