Minimalist Living Tips: 6 Rules For Living With Less

Minimalist living centres around a philosophy that promotes living more simply and living with less. It requires you let go of all the junk you don’t need and keep only the essentials.Minimalist Living Tips_ 6 Rules For Living With Less

Joshua Becker, the Becoming Minimalist blogger says that “Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value in life by removing anything that distracts us from it.”

Here are some of the top minimalist living tips:

Determine the space you have and identify your priorities

The first step to minimalist living is evaluating the space you have at your disposal and planning accordingly. Prioritise to help identify what you can declutter and what should be kept. For instance, if you have clothing you no longer wear, donate to save space.

Focus on each room

When working with limited space, you need to work towards the maximum utilization of the available space. It is best to concentrate your energy on one room at a time, so that you can declutter with genuine focus. Consider how each space is used and remove the things that do not enhance this purpose. This might initially seem overwhelming, but it is necessary to ensure that you save on available space.

Use self-storage units

When adopting a minimalist approach to living, you will need to limit ornaments, furnishings and wall decorations to only those that offer beauty or purpose. If you have numerous items you want to keep but you do not have adequate space, consider using a self-storage unit. Depending on your needs, you can rent space over a short-term period, to ensure you keep your belongings safe until you decide what can or cannot be kept.

Store items that offer seasonal value

Minimalist living requires that you only have the items you will need in your day to day living. Out of season clothes can be safely stored with companies that offer bespoke or valet storage services. They may help you with collection and delivery & advise you on an inventory.

Tidy your room regularly

Another tip for minimalist living is ensuring you regularly tidy your space. This is vital in ensuring that you get rid of items you do not need, to free up space. As time passes by, some of the things you once required will no longer be of use and can be donated or thrown out.

Minimize what you buy

One of the sources of collecting more items in your home is buying what you do not need. When adopting a minimalist life, you will need to cut down on the things you buy. Ensure that you only buy what you need and avoid piling up items you will not use.