New Year, New Home

New Year’s resolutions often centre on the way we look but why not resolve to refresh your home this year?

The New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start and give your home a brand new look for 2015. You don’t have to commit to an expensive redecorating project to really make the most of your home – we’re all suffering from post-Christmas overspend!

We’ve come up with some great tips that will revitalise your home for the coming year without breaking the bank.

1. Declutter for a quick makeover.

Large, open spaces can create the impression of a bigger house so it’s hard to imagine a fresh new home when you have clutter accumulating in every available corner. Your house can get cluttered over winter with knickknacks, heavy blankets and unwanted Christmas gifts.

If you can’t face throwing things away then Spaces and Places is the perfect solution. We have storage units of all shapes and sizes ready to give your home some much-needed breathing space this New Year.

2. Streamline your wardrobe

Free your wardrobe this year by separating warm and cold weather clothes and giving away anything you no longer wear to charity. Storing your seasonal items will significantly free up wardrobe space over winter and reveal a fresh new wardrobe that you probably forgot you had! Always remember to wash and store clothing in cotton, breathable bags.

3. Redecorate

A simple repaint can really brighten and clean up your home. Start planning now and come springtime your home will be fresh, bright and brimming with light. It’s always best to let the feel of the room and its purpose dictate your colour palette.

4. Store furniture

Removing bits of furniture can open up huge amounts of space in the room and give it a whole new look. Now the entertaining season is over its unlikely you’ll need all those additional chairs and tables jamming up your dining room so why not put any non-essential furniture into self-storage and see what a difference it makes to the feel of your home.

5. Refurbish, repaint, recycle

Being eco-friendly isn’t just good for the planet, it can save you huge amounts of money. If your homes looking a little tired and unloved give it a new lease of life by refurbishing old furniture, repainting fireplaces, shelves and picture frames or recycling fabrics to make curtains, throws and cushion covers.

You don’t even need to do it all at once, you could do it room by room and start moving your items in whenever you want to do it, so maybe it could be upstairs rooms one week, then the downstairs the next!

Contact Spaces and Places to find out how we can maximise space in your home this year!