All I want for Christmas… Is more space



Christmas is a great family time but also often a very stressful one, and lack of space is often one of the causes of this stress. It’s easy to see why lack of space becomes a problem at this time:


there are often guests staying;

the house is packed full of presents, food, drink, trees etc;

in addition, the kids are enjoying a long break by messing up the house; and

there is often a never ending procession of family and friends popping in so it’s important to keep everything looking neat and tidy.


For families in Birmingham and surrounding areas, help is at hand with convenient self storage in Warwickshire. Self storage units offer a great solution for any family needing more space over a short period of time – and here are some reasons why:


There’s bound to be a storage unit that’s convenient for you– either near home or work so you leave/collect items as you need them. 


One big benefit for households in Warwickshire is that there is flexible storage to meet your needs. You only pay for the space you need. You only pay for the time you need it. 


It’s important when storing your possessions that you have peace of mind. You’ll find that your unit is secure, and you can further padlocked security if you wish. When selecting your self storage company, see how busy the company is – lots of activity and attentive staff often adds to the level of security


Check that you have the keys to your secure unit. This means you can access your possessions 24/7 so whenever you feel the urge you can collect [or deposit] more items.

We can’t guarantee a Happy Christmas but we can easily solve any festive space problems for those looking for self storage in Warwickshire. 


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Happy Self Storage Christmas


Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it’s great to know that storage in Warwickshire can help local businesses maximise their festive sales. 

Here’s how:

1. Take advantage of bulk discounts

The more you buy the cheaper it gets but storage can be an issue: either you don’t have enough space or it’s not cost effective to rent extra. Using storage units in Warwickshire solves this problem. They are available for short-term periods so you only need to rent what you need, when you need it.  Choose one near to you so you’ll make delivery/collection easy and keep transport costs to a minimum.

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A Checklist for your self storage needs


Not all self storage companies are the same. Not only does the type of storage vary from company to company but their terms vary too – minimum leases, access to units, deposits required and notice to be given to vacate are just some of the elements that can change from place to place. And, of course, the amount you pay also varies from firm to firm.

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Beat the Midland property market blues with Self-Storage


House prices in the region continue to decline and there is fairly pessimistic talk about further decline in both prices and sales levels throughout the rest of 2011. However, there are some steps to take to help you get the best out of the property market – for buyers and sellers.

It might not be obvious to home owners in the Midlands but taking advantage of storage facilities around the West Midlands and Warwickshire can be a great benefit in getting and keeping a buyer. For those buying, the storage units can also help them get the property they want at the price they want.


1. Move Fast

When a buyer comes along, it makes sense to do your very best to meet their needs. If they are willing to wait for you to look around the property market at leisure, that’s great. But if they want a quick move and you haven’t found anywhere to go then renting self storage units will allow you to keep your possessions safe but accessible whilst you move into smaller, cheaper temporary lettings [or stay with family and friends if you are lucky]. There’s no long-term commitment so you only pay for the space you need for the time you need it.


2. Declutter

Buyers don’t lack imagination but in an overcrowded market they simply don’t need to use it. If your home is like most and over cluttered with the everyday accumulation of ‘stuff’, then buyers will see the clutter, not the space; they will see the mess, not the potential.  So before you start marketing – and certainly before the estate agent takes those all important photos – ruthlessly declutter and put what is not essential into a storage unit. With 24/7 access, nothing will be too far away if it is suddenly required.


3. Downsize

Moving to a smaller property after the luxury of a larger property is one of the most difficult property moves people make. Aside from the emotional impact, the question often asked is ‘where will all my things go?’ One answer is into a self-storage unit. Even if it is only a temporary measure – and there is no long term rental commitment – it will allow you take time to decide what possessions you really do want to keep or not. Furniture can be stored safely and cleanly, so you can move items from storage to home easily.


4. A mortgage for storage

In previous blogs, we have written about how home buyers often over estimate the amount of space they actually need and tend to fill spare bedrooms, reception rooms and garages with possessions. Effectively homeowners are paying a mortgage for storage, and that makes no sense at all. There are enough self storage units in the West Midlands and Warwickshire for the smart homebuyer to be ruthless about the amount of space they actually need – enabling them to buy a smaller property at a lower cost – meaning a smaller mortgage and lower running costs.


So while the property market remains difficult – with falling prices, overpopulated stock and few First Time Buyer mortgages – local buyers and sellers can use self storage West Midlands facilities to find and keep a buyer, ease the pain of downsizing or lower the cost of their next [or first home].

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When renting really does make sense


There has been a lot of debate recently about the cost of buying a home versus the costs of renting. Property website Zoomla reckons it is now about 10% cheaper to buy than rent and that gap is growing. Despite this, there 1 million more people renting today than six years ago. There are lots of reasons why but it all points to a fantastic growth in the rental market.

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How self-storage can turn your garage into… a garage


Remember the day you first viewed your house? As well as spacious rooms, lovely gardens and a great location, one of the features that sold it to you may have been the garage.

Fast forward a short time, chances are that garage is now no more than another storage room, piled high with stuff you’ve forgotten you ever had and certainly too full for the one thing it was meant for – the car!

The crazy thing is, when buying your home, you probably paid extra for the garage [or paid even more for a double garage which now has twice as much stuff in it] so now your mortgage is effectively paying for a store room! You might have saved the bother and bought a house without a garage and paid for a shed – at least you won’t be paying for that off for the next 25 years. Storage in the West Midlands is much cheaper than property in the same location!

The reasons you wanted a garage are still relevant – it’s a place to keep the car secure, protect it from the elements and help lower your insurance costs. In fact with motor insurance costs rising by 30% per annum, there is even more reason to clear out the garage and make way for the car.

Easier said than done? Well this is where self-storage can help. In fact, think of it as a kind of off-site garage. Just like a garage self-storage units are:

Accessible 24/7

Safe and secure

With ground level storage you can even drive straight in. Unlike many garages the units are also clean and dry so there’s no limit to the type of items you can store. Again, unlike your mortgaged garage, you can rent self-storage from as little as 1 week and there are no long term contracts. So if the car goes then you can move everything back. You’ll probably been surprised at how low the rents are, especially as you rent only the space you need – but costs do vary so make sure you get a quote that includes everything.

Today there are plenty of units around so you’re certain to find one near you – perhaps somewhere between work and home in case you need to pick up something on the way home, before you put the car away in your ‘new’ garage.

It’s easy to see how self storage can help you get back the garage you always wanted.

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5 ways to make moving house feel less like divorce!


They say moving house is a stressful as divorce – and probably takes twice as long. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.
Anything that takes time and planning, and has elements that one cannot control is perhaps almost bound to be stressful, but a dose of realism, some planning and a little PMA [positive mental attitude] can go a long way when moving home.

1. Be realistic

Work on the basis that things WON’T go exactly to plan and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t think anything is ‘a done deal’ until contracts are signed and dates agreed. When thinking of dates for exchange or completion, be realistic around timescales and work around a number of options – planning everything around only one date is almost certainly going to lead to disappointments so give yourself as many options as you can.

Although moving house is an emotional time, don’t let it be too emotional. Don’t fall in love with your new home until it is your new home; don’t put all your emotional energy into one location until you are living in that location. View any setbacks rationally as you then have a chance of getting the best out of a situation.

2. Plan, plan and plan again

Don’t let anything go wrong simply because you didn’t think plan for it to go right. From choosing which estate agent to use to making sure your removal van arrives on the right day, planning is essential. There is lots of online help but nothing beats a simple diary/calendar so you can see what, who, when and where. Try to remember [as if you could forget] what went wrong with the last move, and ask advice from family and friends. Use your estate agent: next to you they most want to see a successful sale and they will have great contacts and insider information.

3. Declutter and do storage

It’s unlikely you will take everything from your old home to your new even if you are upsizing. It’s even less likely you will want or need everything else from day 1. So firstly declutter – and I would advise doing this even before you market your own home as it will make the home look neater, tidier and ultimately easier to sell.

Once you have exchanged contracts, start to move stuff that you don’t use daily into self storage. It will mean you don’t have to move everything in one go, and gives you a chance to adjust to your new home without cardboard boxes filling every bit of floor space. As and when [or if] you need it, you can take it out of storage.

4. Make it easy on yourself

There are some practical steps to make the move easier, but they are often difficult to stick to as they seem almost counter-intuitive. So, for example, don’t view any houses until you have sold your own. Look on the internet to make sure you there are houses which meet your requirements at the price you can pay, but leave it at that until you have an offer on your home. Your heart, your partner and estate agent will tell you otherwise but you risk falling in love with properties you then see sold before your very eyes. This puts pressure on you emotionally –and may make you reduce your asking price without any real need to.

Likewise, your solicitor will ask you pay for searches BEFORE you have received your mortgage offer. That seems to make sense as you want everything to be done as quickly as possible but rationally it makes no sense – you could just be wasting money if the offer doesn’t come through.

5. Take time out…

Or carry on regardless. Don’t put your life on hold during the whole process, as that will also add to the pressure. Make time during the sale for some enjoyment – perhaps try to take yourself off for a at least a day so you are not always thinking about mortgages, removal vans and fixtures and fittings. It’s important to continue to maintain the house in the usual way. If you usually paint the exterior in the summer, then paint it even if the house is on the market; it’s a false economy to stop and will be one of those things that maintains a sense of normality.

Few of us would move house for fun, but the above may help lower stress levels – and perhaps avoid a real divorce. A lot of planning, a little self-storage and a cool head at all times could be the three things that make all the difference.

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Back from Uni… and into storage?


Whilst every parent loves their children dearly, sometimes the thought of them returning from university for the summer can raise a few issues. As well as the extra food and laundry, most students will bring the contents of their ‘digs’ with them as they move from between university years. Whereas they left home with a suitcase, a laptop and a George Foreman grill they seem to return with a half the contents of the IKEA catalogue.

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5 Great Reasons for going Self Storage


There are probably as many reasons for using self storage as there are self storage facilities, but below are some of the most popular:

1.    Renting is cheaper than… renting

Even in straightened times, commercial rents are high – particularly the closer to City and town centres the premises are located. Self storage is much cheaper to rent per square foot so it makes sense store as much as possible. Archived material, marketing material and stationery supplies, temporarily unused furniture and computer equipment can all be stored in dry and secure conditions, accessed 24/7 and offer considerable cost savings. If you are looking for first premises or moving offices, decide what is essential to have on a daily basis – get the rest into storage. If commercial rents are high, then residential rent is off the scale. Again, it makes sense only to rent the absolute minimum space needed – it makes no sense to rent, say, a second bedroom only to fill it up with stuff. Put that stuff into storage and save the difference between a one bed and two bed flat – every month.

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Start your spring clean with a declutter


Most people would admit to owning and keeping lots of unwanted items that end up taking up valuable space in their homes. Before your spring clean have a spring clear out and get those unwanted items out of the house once and for all. Follow our 6 point plan to minimise the disruption and maximise the effectiveness:

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