Social Media Competition

Posted on May 1, 2013

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Hello everybody, We have a very exciting announcement to make today! Spaces and Places Self Storage are running our first ever social media competition. To celebrate our first foray into the world of Twitter, we are offering one lucky person a month of storage at our Nuneaton site – for free! The lucky winner will have the choice of either a 7ft unit or a 20ft self-storage unit, at our Nuneaton site. Our super-secure steel

Self storage for tradesman

Posted on December 30, 2012

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Our self storage facilities in Nuneaton, Winsford and Manchester provide a brilliant base for trades-based businesses. Traditionally, plant and equipment have been stored either at home, in a lock-up or an industrial unit. None of these three locations is ideal – there may be concerns about condition, security and cost. Here we provide a checklist of business that might benefit from our self-storage facilities: ·       Bathroom fitters – store everything from complete suits to power

Nuneaton Self Storage for start-ups

Posted on December 18, 2012

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More people in the UK are starting their own businesses, and Nuneaton and Warwickshire is no exception. In addition to traditional business start-ups, there are also lots of ‘virtual’ business and eCommerce companies. Space and Places self-storage in Nuneaton is a great place for new businesses and entrepreneurs – our low-cost but high-quality self-storage units provide a great way to grow their businesses. The units provide an ideal storeroom, distribution centre or secure location for

Declutter in 2013 with Nuneaton self storage

Posted on December 13, 2012

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Whatever happened to 2012? Soon Christmas will be out the way and another year of getting round to decluttering will have passed. But for householders in Nuneaton and Atherstone, Spaces and Places Nuneaton self-storage facility offers a great value way to store unwanted items – and January offers an ideal month to get around to that decluttering. Post-Christmas but before the return to work, school or college, the early days in January is a time

Nuneaton self storage liberates garages

Posted on December 3, 2012

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Hands up how many of you use your garage for the purpose it was actually used for – remember, a place to keep your beloved family vehicle away from all the elements that the British weather (and worse) can throw at it. Now our Nuneaton self-storage units are setting garages free! Of course, garages were always under threat. The path of least resistance is to leave the car on the drive and use the garage

Don’t move – improve with Storage in Nuneaton

Posted on November 13, 2012

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We are happy that the very lovely Sarah Beeny has returned to our screens with yet another property programme – and we think our Nuneaton storage facilities should feature in her next series! In her latest series, the Queen of Property TV has been encouraging people to make the most of their current home rather than go to the cost of moving home to increase the amount of space they enjoy. As la Beeny points
While Christmas is very busy for some businesses, for many December is actually a quiet trading period – so why not use it as an opportunity for that long-delayed clear out and sort some cost-effective self-storage at Spaces and Places.   If you can look around your workplace and find a perfectly tidy, airy space with everything in its place you are either very lucky or still dreaming. Even the best designed, ultra-modern offices soon

Storage in Nuneaton brings Christmas cheer

Posted on October 31, 2012

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While we can’t promise a stress-free Christmas, our Nuneaton storage services can help make sure lack of space is not a problem for either families or businesses during the festive season. There are many reasons why local families need extra – and local – storage during the Xmas holiday. Firstly, families still tend to come together for the season; children are back from university and the kids who have grown up and started families of
Every time you put on the radio, open a newspaper, a news website or talk to neighbours there seems to be another report about the theft. There is no doubt that thefts of valuable items such as bikes, vehicles, lawnmowers and power tools are becoming more common and the costs to insurance company and individuals have risen sharply in recent years. Thefts such as these are known as crimes of opportunity. Tools left in a

Getting the Most Out of Self Storage Units

Posted on August 21, 2012

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When it comes to renting self-storage units the process is very simple and easy to understand. This guide to making your storage work for you from Spaces and Places will help ensure that you want to keep coming back time and time again. Pack Your Storage Items Correctly When storing items away for any length of time it can be easy to forget what went in which box, what boxes contain fragile items and of

Self-Storage Meets All Your Seasonal Needs.

Posted on August 14, 2012

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Many people rotate their wardrobes to suit the season. When winter takes a proper hold on the UK summer t-shirts and sandals are washed and carefully stored away until next year.  In the same way, low tog summer duvets are stored in vacuum packed bags and pushed back under the bed or to the back of the wardrobe until needed again. It is entirely possible to find a cheap self-storage facility which gives the space

The Simple Guide to Self-Storage

Posted on August 9, 2012

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Many people think of self-storage as something that other people use. The presumption is that using a self-storage facility is expensive, inconvenient and only to be used as a last resort in extreme cases like having to work abroad for six months and rent your house out. Anyone who has used Spaces and Places’ self-storage West Midland’s area will be able to tell you that service that is on offer is in fact extremely easy