Choose Self Storage West Midlands and Reduce Business Expenses


Anyone who has been involved in running a business in the UK over the past three or four years will understand the pressure that the fraught economic climate has put everyone under. The clouds do however seem to be starting to lift and at last UK businesses are looking to the future, rather than just to survive and are freeing up cash to inject into growth. The best way to do this is to reduce overheads and with space being at a premium, downsizing is a great way to do this. Downsizing can be very easy if bulk archives and unused equipment is removed to a self-storage West Midlands unit.

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Tidy up the office and enjoy a clear and organised work environment


Any office, regardless of the function of the business or service will have an abundance of paperwork being stored within filing cabinets, on shelves, under desks and piled up beside the photocopier. Legal requirements as well as good practice dictate that certain records and files must be kept for a period of time.

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Convenient self storage for those working from home


There are many benefits to working from home. Asides from the fact that you are your own boss, you can decide your own hours and don’t need to commute to and from your place of work.

A major disadvantage is that when you run your enterprise from home is that you are also in the dubious situation of having to provide storage for goods, bulk purchases of packaging, and the last five years’ worth of paper work. The list goes on and on; unfortunately your home storage does not. For those that work from home – need storage but can’t take up any more of the home’s living space, Lock N’Leave self storage Cheshire is the way forward.

With Lock N’Leave storage a business can choose from a variety of different sizes of self storage so that they have access to the space they need, can expand the storage if required and can avoid paying for a larger storage area than is needed. With containers starting from just eighty pounds per calendar month for an eight metre squared ground floor container anyone can afford to reduce the clutter in their home and store their business items in safe and secure storage.

Did you know that general home insurance does not cover business items? For example, if you suffered from a fire or a break-in you would not be able to claim for your business information or stock that is lost. It is also entirely possible that having business items stored in the home may invalidate your home insurance entirely. If you work from home – need storage Cheshire or in the surrounding areas, get in touch with Lock N’Leave.

Lock N’Leave storage Cheshire recognises how important insurance is. Losing stock or paperwork can strike a devastating blow to a business therefore you can now purchase contents insurance for your container as an optional extra which provides you with ultimate peace of mind in the unlikely event that any problems occur.

For many who work from home – need storage and have families, the working hours can vary from usual office hours to late at night. While Lock N’Leave Self Storage is not manned 24hrs a day the containers are still accessible regardless of the time. All you need to do is drive up and get what you need with your own key which is unique to your container. Lock N’Leave Self Storage don’t buy batches of padlocks where anyone can have a duplicate key. The safety and security of your items is paramount.

Clearly Lock N’Leave Self Storage is run in a way that is ideal for those who work from home, need storage and perhaps don’t necessarily have the spare fund to pay for oversized containers that are left half empty.

Lock N’Leave Self Storage is a family run enterprise and recognise the constraints a small business owner has to deal with. If you work from home, need storage and would like to reclaim your dining room table or garage back then get in touch with Lock N’Leave who will be able to assist you in choosing the right storage option for you at an affordable rate.


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Empty the garage at home and enjoy a clutter free life


It would be interesting to know how many people actually use their garages to house their cars in. The majority of homeowners appear to need to use the garage as secondary storage as the house is already packed to capacity with items that just can’t be thrown away.

Imagine how much money could be saved on car insurance if a car could be stored securely in a garage overnight rather than on a road. Insurance companies base your insurance quote on many factors but the location of parking is a key one and can make a big difference in the level of premiums charged.

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For business or genealogy enthusiasts: Archive your files with Lock N’Leave


The rules surrounding business tax and accounting seem to be constantly under review however one part of owning a business hasn’t changed and doesn’t look likely to; the amount of paperwork that must be kept. Five years of customer records, accounts, invoices, order sheets and more take up a considerable amount of space and are rarely ever needed. The law is however the law and Lock N’Leave self storage Cheshire are uniquely placed to help a business with their archiving needs.

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Keep Precious Items Close by with Regional Storage


Recent surveys suggest that a staggering majority of homeowners and tenants would like to improve their homes by simply having more storage space. As our families grow we accumulate clutter that we don’t need on a daily basis but find it almost impossible to throw out.

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Pass Us Your Paper for a Clutter Free Office


All businesses accumulate mountains of paperwork. No matter how paper free we try to be official bodies stipulate that we must hold onto written evidence for at least seven years. Computers are a wonderful tool for keeping records, however despite the majority of businesses using them on a daily basis, as a nation we’re still not 100% comfortable placing all of our important documents in the hands of a hard drive.

No matter what the size of the business, be it a small hotdog van in a layby or a whopping great retail store on the High Street, each one has its own storage problems, needing extra room for those extra papers, just in case.

Unless we’re at the heart of an Inland Revenue investigation it’s unlikely we’ll rifle through these papers again, which makes the space they take all the more frustrating as the office becomes a warehouse for folders.

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Simple Storage for EBay Entrepreneurs!


EBay is a fantastic way to make money, from the comfort of your own home you can buy and sell any product making a pretty profit.

Many people use EBay to sell unwanted gifts or furniture; however a craze is sweeping across the nation making entrepreneurs mountains of money as they search for a bargain to sell online.

Whether you sell furniture, catalogue returns or your own crafts, storage can be a problem. As you sit at the desk uploading the photos, your home study resembles something of an auction house. Items kept in outhouses or lofts can be risky as mice love to nibble and water has a habit of trickling through the smallest of spaces.

Just a tiny drop of damp can make your item used and not new, potentially creating bad feedback or reducing the price significantly.

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Storage for students


Not only will Christmas be with us, but it is also time for students to return to the luxury of home – and very welcome they are too.

It’s a fact that the cost of a university education is increasing; from fees to rent, textbooks to transport, it’s a tough time for students and their parents. 

There are plenty of great Universities and Further Education colleges in Warwickshire and Birmingham, so there is a large student population looking to save costs wherever possible and Warwickshire storage can actually help local students.

Warwickshire storage solves student debt crisis?

Not quiet but it can help in a couple of ways:

Firstly, when choosing student accommodation it makes sense to only pay the absolute minimum required. So students need to be selective about what they keep about them on a day to day basis. Rather than pay extra for additional room, use self storage for non-essential items. Choose somewhere local to home or, for Midland students, there are Warwickshire storage options that will keep possessions closer to hand if required.

Secondly, students are going to accumulate ‘stuff’ during the course of their studies. Rather than letting items pile up and use all available room, temporary storage makes sense. Students in a house can club together to make sure they get the best value storage. 

Most storage in Warwickshire is available for short periods so it makes the ideal solution for students who are between accommodation between academic years. There is no need for the hassle or expense of two moves when local self storage can be used. Warwickshire storage has further advantages for students:


Secure – so there’s no need to worry when back at the family home

Cleanliness – units are clean and dry

Accessible – units can be accessed 24/7



With savings on rent and moving costs, and an improved quality of life that being clutter-free can deliver, local students – and their parents – who take advantage of  the options for storage in Warwickshire can have a little more to look forward to this Christmas.


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It’s a self storage craze!


Recent media reports only confirm what anyone looking for storage in Warwickshire already knows – the demand for self storage is growing and there are no signs are a slow down, despite the economic climate.

Indeed the downturn in the economy may be fuelling the demand for self storage. People hold on to items rather than folk out to replace them, even if they don’t use the items on a daily basis. Additionally, holding on to much cherished possessions can provide a bit of a ‘comfort blanket’ in difficult times.

Let’s look at some of the facts behind the growth in self storage

 There are over 800 major storage facilities in the UK

 There is a total of around 20 million rental sq footage in the UK 

Modern self storage began in the USA in the 1960’s and was introduced into the UK in the 1990s

Britain has the same amount of storage units as the rest of Europe combined 

Storage in Warwickshire mirrors the UK market

Private users are taking advantage of flexible space, short leases and low prices to retain a wide variety of items – from furniture and household goods to cherished collections of DVDs, cloths, books etc.

According to the UK Self Storage Association, private individuals store for 27 weeks on average – with this period continue to grow. In fact, there are lots of stories of people never returning to their goods at all; although storage in Warwickshire and the rest of the UK will often provide 24/7 access so there is no lack of accessibility. Perhaps it’s the enhanced security that assures people that the items are safe at all times.

Of course there are many reasons why many people don’t use self storage. In a survey of UK households by Access Self Storage – quoted in a recent BBC online article – 90% of respondents reported an inability to part with treasured possessions, and this may be one of the factors involved.

Whatever the reasons, growth in local private users searching for storage Warwickshire continues.

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All I want for Christmas… Is more space



Christmas is a great family time but also often a very stressful one, and lack of space is often one of the causes of this stress. It’s easy to see why lack of space becomes a problem at this time:


there are often guests staying;

the house is packed full of presents, food, drink, trees etc;

in addition, the kids are enjoying a long break by messing up the house; and

there is often a never ending procession of family and friends popping in so it’s important to keep everything looking neat and tidy.


For families in Birmingham and surrounding areas, help is at hand with convenient self storage in Warwickshire. Self storage units offer a great solution for any family needing more space over a short period of time – and here are some reasons why:


There’s bound to be a storage unit that’s convenient for you– either near home or work so you leave/collect items as you need them. 


One big benefit for households in Warwickshire is that there is flexible storage to meet your needs. You only pay for the space you need. You only pay for the time you need it. 


It’s important when storing your possessions that you have peace of mind. You’ll find that your unit is secure, and you can further padlocked security if you wish. When selecting your self storage company, see how busy the company is – lots of activity and attentive staff often adds to the level of security


Check that you have the keys to your secure unit. This means you can access your possessions 24/7 so whenever you feel the urge you can collect [or deposit] more items.

We can’t guarantee a Happy Christmas but we can easily solve any festive space problems for those looking for self storage in Warwickshire. 


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Happy Self Storage Christmas


Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it’s great to know that storage in Warwickshire can help local businesses maximise their festive sales. 

Here’s how:

1. Take advantage of bulk discounts

The more you buy the cheaper it gets but storage can be an issue: either you don’t have enough space or it’s not cost effective to rent extra. Using storage units in Warwickshire solves this problem. They are available for short-term periods so you only need to rent what you need, when you need it.  Choose one near to you so you’ll make delivery/collection easy and keep transport costs to a minimum.

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