You can’t park on the grass, you can’t earn over a certain amount or you can be penalised, you can’t buy a certain car because it is bad for the environment, you can’t build a conservatory because of planning permission… nowadays it seems as if there are many more restrictions that there used to be. Granted many of them make perfect sense but occasionally it would be nice to have complete flexibility and control over
If you are a business or a family that needs to store something securely and are looking for self-storage Cheshire area, you need to consider Lock N’ Leave self-storage facility. Lock N’ Leave storage Cheshire operates along the same lines as all of the other self-storage units they run across the West Midlands; with safety, security and ease in mind. What can be stored? Pretty much anything can be stored in any of the Lock

Spaces and Places is Putting Customers First

Posted on June 19, 2012

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Prices have gone up, technology has advanced, thinking has progressed; all in all, we are moving forward. One thing that seems to be declining in many areas, however, seems to be customer service. You are much more likely to hear about poor service than you are anything positive nowadays and so when someone does provide excellent service, it can be something of a novelty. Spaces and Places who provide self-storage Winsford area as well as
Anyone who has been involved in running a business in the UK over the past three or four years will understand the pressure that the fraught economic climate has put everyone under. The clouds do however seem to be starting to lift and at the last UK businesses are looking to the future, rather than just to survive and are freeing up cash to inject into growth. The best way to do this is to
Any office regardless of the function of the business or service will have an abundance of paperwork being stored within filing cabinets, on shelves, under desks and piled up beside the photocopier. Legal requirements, as well as good practice, dictate that certain records and files must be kept for a period of time. There is no legal requirement however for the paperwork to be stored in the office, cluttering up the area and potentially creating
There are many benefits to working from home. Asides from the fact that you are your own boss, you can decide your own hours and don’t need to commute to and from your place of work. A major disadvantage is that when you run your enterprise from home is that you are also in the dubious situation of having to provide storage for goods, bulk purchases of packaging, and the last five years’ worth of
It would be interesting to know how many people actually use their garages to house their cars in. The majority of homeowners appear to need to use the garage as secondary storage as the house is already packed to capacity with items that just can’t be thrown away. Imagine how much money could be saved on car insurance if a car could be stored securely in a garage overnight rather than on a road. Insurance
The rules surrounding business tax and accounting seem to be constantly under review however one part of owning a business hasn’t changed and doesn’t look likely to; the amount of paperwork that must be kept. Five years of customer records, accounts, invoices, order sheets and more take up a considerable amount of space and are rarely ever needed. The law is, however, the law and Lock N’Leave self-storage are uniquely placed to help a business

Keep Precious Items Close by with Regional Storage

Posted on February 20, 2012

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Recent surveys suggest that a staggering majority of homeowners and tenants would like to improve their homes by simply having more storage space. As our families grow we accumulate clutter that we don’t need on a daily basis but find it almost impossible to throw out. The clutter culminates from memories and gifts that have been given to us over the years, added to this the family paperwork, books and letters and our possessions need

Pass Us Your Paper for a Clutter Free Office

Posted on February 7, 2012

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All businesses accumulate mountains of paperwork. No matter how paper-free we try to be official bodies stipulate that we must hold onto written evidence for at least seven years. Computers are a wonderful tool for keeping records, however, despite the majority of businesses using them on a daily basis, as a nation, we’re still not 100% comfortable placing all of our important documents in the hands of a hard drive. No matter what the size

Simple Storage for EBay Entrepreneurs!

Posted on February 7, 2012

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eBay is a fantastic way to make money, from the comfort of your own home you can buy and sell any product making a pretty profit. Many people use eBay to sell unwanted gifts or furniture; however, a craze is sweeping across the nation making entrepreneurs mountains of money as they search for a bargain to sell online. Whether you sell furniture, catalogue returns or your own crafts, storage can be a problem. As you

Storage for students

Posted on November 9, 2011

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Not only will Christmas be with us, but it is also time for students to return to the luxury of home – and very welcome they are too. It’s a fact that the cost of university education is increasing; from fees to rent, textbooks to transport, it’s a tough time for students and their parents. There are plenty of great Universities and Further Education colleges in Warwickshire and Birmingham, so there is a large student