Nuneaton self storage liberates garages

Hands up how many of you use your garage for the purpose it was actually used for – remember, a place to keep your beloved family vehicle away from all the elements that the British weather (and worse) can throw at it. Now our Nuneaton self-storage units are setting garages free!

Of course, garages were always under threat. The path of least resistance is to leave the car on the drive and use the garage to take the strain from all the possessions that every family accumulates and soon needs extra room to store. The garage becomes the repository of unwanted furniture, gadgets and electric goods, toys, bikes and plenty more. The items might not be safe, they might not be secure and they might not even be insured, but at least they are out of the way.

Well, Spaces and Places Nuneaton self-storage units can provide a much better way to store these items. Our container units are airtight and clean, so they offer the ideal location to store even the most valued items such as furniture, books, your lifetime’s collection of DVDs or all those clothes that definitely WILL come back into fashion one day.

We take security seriously – so each container unit provides you with the chance to secure as you wish, and we take care of the security of the facility with CCTV and secure fencing, for example. All the units are on the ground floor so moving the heaviest or bulkiest items is easy. Unlike some Nuneaton self-storage companies, we offer 24/7 access as standard so you can come and go as you please.

We can help with insurance and offer short and long-term lets at the best price in Nuneaton and North Warwickshire – if you have a better like-for-like price give us a call before committing elsewhere.

A few carloads later, and you not only have peace of mind for all your collections and possessions, but you have the perfect storage place for the family car – the garage. You will be keeping it safer, in better condition and might even pay less insurance. Liberate your garage TODAY.