How to Secure Your Possessions on Holiday

Holiday Season is in full swing now and many of us will be looking forward to that well-earned break in the sunshine.

Unfortunately many of us will also have concerns about leaving our home when we go away, wondering if it will be safe and secure.

Here are some tips for keeping possessions safe at home while you go away on holiday.

Make sure that it does not look as if you are away:-

  • Cancel papers and the milk,
  • Use the Royal Mail ‘keepsake’ service to halt your post while you are away
  • Ask a neighbour to go into the house each day to remove free newspapers and leaflets from the front door mat,
  • Mow the lawns before you go away
  • Leave blinds and curtains open
  • Use timers on lamps in different rooms in the house to come on and go off at various times
  • Lock all doors and windows securely
  • Don’t advertise you are away on social media by posting statements and photos about your holiday
  • Check your house insurance policy is up to date and all your possessions are covered
  • Hide small valuables like jewellery in different places around the house or in a small safe

Alternatively if you have a lot of larger valuable items like paintings and antiques you could use self-storage to temporarily hold your treasured possessions while you are away.

At Spaces and Places we value your stuff as much as you do! We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and exceptional security- all our facilities have 24 hour security and access is available at any time.

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