Now that summer has finally arrived, there is no better time to bring out the BBQ and outdoor furniture. However, all too often after a long winter stored in the shed or garage, they need TLC before you can use them again.

Follow these simple steps to make sure your items have been taken care of properly:Caring for Garden Furniture After Long Storage

Preparing Your BBQ

Start by giving the BBQ a thorough clean to get rid of all the residue grease and fat. You may also need to remove any rust or grime that accumulated over the cold months.

With the BBQ clean, you will then want to give it a good coat with a high quality protective oil. This will stop any rusting and prevent future messes caused by sauces dripping onto stoves etc.

Revitalise Wooden Garden Furniture

Wash down furnish with warm soapy water. If it is wooden furniture you may need to sand it down to get rid of the dirt that is harder to get off. Rub down any areas that appear to have gone rusty, if it is metal furniture. After washing the furniture then treat it by either: varnishing, painting or using metal polish on the furniture to restore it to its former glory.

Soft Furnishings Summer Preparation

The soft furnishings used outside are far more prone to wear and tear by the weather. To keep it looking fresh and clean regularly wash cushion covers and throws with clean water and a mild detergent.

Simply pop them in the washing machine on a cold cycle with like colours only. Then hang or air dry before replacing back onto your furniture.

If you’re looking to keep it bright then give cushions, covers and throws an annual clean by making up a solution of one tablespoon bicarbonate of soda and one teaspoon white vinegar in a cup of water.

Mix this up then soak the cover or cushion in it for 15 minutes and then rinse well with clean water before hanging to dry.

If your cushions are removable, pop them out and wash their covers separately by hand using warm soapy water then rinsing thoroughly after washing.

If they become too faded or worn replace cushions and throws to give your garden a fresh new summer look.

Wrapping Up

When the summer is over, there are so many things to store and pack away. You could spend hours trying to squeeze all of your bulky furniture into a tiny shed or garage, but why not just take advantage of self-storage? It’s perfect for storing anything large and unwieldy that needs some extra protection during winter – those gazebo frames can be tough on storage space!

Here at Spaces and Places, we have 4 storage facility sites in Middlewich, Nuneaton, Winsford and Manchester, all offering excellent high quality units with 24 hour security and 24/7 access.

Get in touch with our expert team today for that perfect garden furniture storage.


At the hottest time of the year, as you might expect, the use of storage units and general moving is reduced while we all try to stay cool and out of the baking outside air. But in fact, storage units can be at their most popular in summer – for good reason. Here are our summer storage tips for how hiring a storage unit can improve the season.

1. Safe for the holidays

A storage unit doesn’t just prove its use for long-term containment; if you’re planning on jetting off on holiday, you might want a safe and secure place to keep those valuables, to ensure they are safe while you’re sunning it up on some beach abroad. With school holidays and sunny weather, we travel more in summer – and storage is what you need to ensure our valuable possessions are safe when you’re away from home.

2. Put away your winter wardrobe

Step away from the skis – if your wardrobe or hall cupboard is taken over with thick winter coats and boots that you couldn’t even imagine wearing in the summer, especially with these heatwaves, then away they must go. Save storage space by opting for a separate unit to keep those winter staples safe and sound, without you tripping over them every time you reach for the flip-flops.

3. The summer clean

Forget spring cleaning – summer cleaning is just as big when it comes to making your home cleaner, fresher and airier. Whether it’s removing that heavy furniture or replacing a stifling leather couch with a sofa that’s a bit more seasonally appropriate, cleaning out your home is one of the things that summer is great for. After all, when else can you use your outside space for room shuffling without risk of rain?

4. Keeping your possessions cool

A house full of people and even simply a tumble dryer running in a home in the middle of summer can mean the difference between your valuable items being safe and cool or ending up with damage. This is especially the case with antique furniture or old paintings, where a cooler climate is needed. Often, a storage unit can provide that neutral space, ensuring your favourite items are safe from the weather

5. Moving dates

From University students heading home to those embarking on their new adventure in home ownership, summer is a popular time to move. You’re less likely to get rained or snowed on, so even if you get too hot it’s better for your furniture and moving boxes, after all. A storage unit is a perfect place to keep furniture and items you’re in the process of moving, or that need to be stored temporarily til next term.

If you’re looking for a storage unit of your own this summer, Spaces & Places has room for you. Contact us today to find out more about our units, and to get a free quote on our services.

Holiday Season is in full swing now and many of us will be looking forward to that well-earned break in the sunshine.

Unfortunately many of us will also have concerns about leaving our home when we go away, wondering if it will be safe and secure.

Here are some tips for keeping possessions safe at home while you go away on holiday.

Make sure that it does not look as if you are away:-

  • Cancel papers and the milk,
  • Use the Royal Mail ‘keepsake’ service to halt your post while you are away
  • Ask a neighbour to go into the house each day to remove free newspapers and leaflets from the front door mat,
  • Mow the lawns before you go away
  • Leave blinds and curtains open
  • Use timers on lamps in different rooms in the house to come on and go off at various times
  • Lock all doors and windows securely
  • Don’t advertise you are away on social media by posting statements and photos about your holiday
  • Check your house insurance policy is up to date and all your possessions are covered
  • Hide small valuables like jewellery in different places around the house or in a small safe

Alternatively if you have a lot of larger valuable items like paintings and antiques you could use self-storage to temporarily hold your treasured possessions while you are away.

At Spaces and Places we value your stuff as much as you do! We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and exceptional security- all our facilities have 24 hour security and access is available at any time.

Spaces and Places are safe, flexible and affordable. We make choosing and using a self-storage facility as easy as possible. We offer clean, high quality and secure storage units, which are simple to rent and just as easy to give notice. There are no long term contracts, and there are plenty of ways to pay

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At last summer is here and as the weather improves we are all spending more time in the garden, relaxing, gardening or socialising and inevitably our thoughts turn to wheeling out the BBQ.

At the end of this month, 29th May – 4th June we celebrate the 21st National BBQ week. When the first awareness week was held only a few people regularly used a BBQ but the campaign has steadily raised awareness of the enjoyment of having a BBQ and now most households, at some point during the summer, will use a BBQ.

Having the family and friends round for a BBQ is a great way to entertain and make the most of the summer months. But before we start inviting everyone round it is a good idea to check that the BBQ is clean and in good working order! Clean the grill with a mild detergent and a stiff wire brush and if it is a gas BBQ, check that the hoses are intact and the burners are not blocked. Once that is all done, have a great season eating outside as often as possible.

However when it comes to the autumn and the BBQ is longer in use, it and the garden furniture needs to be stored to protect it from the harsh winter weather. However, for many households it is difficult to find an adequate indoor storage space big enough to keep everything clean and safe.

At Spaces and Places we can offer excellent secure facilities that will keep you garden furniture clean and undamaged during the winter.

With our easy to arrange rental agreements you only pay for what you use and you can have 24 hour seven days a week access to you belongings.

Using a self-storage unit at Spaces and Places couldn’t be easier, once summer is over, simply pack up your BBQ and outdoor furniture and put it storage ready for next season.

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When we think of summer, we think of sunshine, holidays and making the most out of the long evenings. Even though summer is the time for relaxing, it is also the prime time to be burgled.

Did you know burglary crime rates increase by approximately 10% throughout July and August according to police records?

Due to the increase in the summer months and to make sure you are not prone to burglary, read our suggestions.

  1. 1. Lock all door, windows and any other openings into your house. This may sound obvious, but 30% of burglars walk through an open door.
  • 2. Do not advertise on social media that you are going on holiday. Save the photos and memories for after you return.
  • 3. Let somebody you trust know your travel plans. A neighbour would be the best option as they are able to keep an eye on your home and make sure no unusual activities are taking place.
  • 4. Make your house look like somebody is home. Ask your neighbour to collect any post, have a light switched on and leave cars parked in the driveway.
  • 5. Install a security system as homes without security alarms are three times more likely to be broken into. This extra hassle will make a burglar head to a different house in order to not be caught.

Taking precaution is the top priority when going on holiday, but in order to put your mind at ease while you are away; store your valuables.

More and more people are using storage units to store their memorable and keepsake items while they go away on holiday. Storage units are not only secure, but they are extremely affordable.

At Spaces and Places, we offer units that are fitted with a ‘lockbox.’ The lockbox prevents any tampering with your padlock, and only you own a set of keys to the unit, so be sure to not lose them! We even have CCTV which keep eyes on your units 24/7.

Get in touch with Spaces and Places today and secure a storage unit; it will put your mind in full relax mode while you are on holiday.