Storage for students

Not only will Christmas be with us, but it is also time for students to return to the luxury of home – and very welcome they are too.

It’s a fact that the cost of university education is increasing; from fees to rent, textbooks to transport, it’s a tough time for students and their parents.

There are plenty of great Universities and Further Education colleges in Warwickshire and Birmingham, so there is a large student population looking to save costs wherever possible and Warwickshire storage can actually help local students.

Does Warwickshire storage solve the student debt crisis?

Not quite but it can help in a couple of ways:

Firstly, when choosing student accommodation it makes sense to only pay the absolute minimum required. So students need to be selective about what they keep about them on a day to day basis. Rather than pay extra for additional room, use self-storage for non-essential items. Choose somewhere local to home or, for Midland students, there are Warwickshire storage options that will keep possessions closer to hand if required.

Secondly, students are going to accumulate ‘stuff’ during the course of their studies. Rather than letting items pile up and use all available room, temporary storage makes sense. Students in a house can club together to make sure they get the best value storage.

Most storage in Warwickshire is available for short periods so it makes the ideal solution for students who are between accommodation between academic years. There is no need for the hassle or expense of two moves when local self-storage can be used. Warwickshire storage has further advantages for students:

Secure – so there’s no need to worry when back at the family home Cleanliness – units are clean and dry Accessible – units can be accessed 24/7

With savings on rent and moving costs and an improved quality of life that being clutter-free can deliver, local students – and their parents – who take advantage of the options for storage in Warwickshire can have a little more to look forward to this Christmas.