Storage Hunters Brandori Offer Advice on Selling Second Hand Goods

Brandon and Lori Bernier (Brandori) took to fame in 2011 when they appeared on the hit TV programme ‘Storage Hunters.’ Their knowledge and ability to take chances on purchasing storage units have many viewers hooked on the TV programme.

Many people do not take risks purchasing storage units as they are unsure whether they will lose money or find the hidden treasure, which is why Brandori have offered their advice to help you sell goods that you currently own.

Where to sell

Where to sell your items is determined by the items you are selling. If it is DVDs, books, clothes etc. eBay or car boot sales will be the most suitable option. However, if you are looking to sell niche items such as coins, rare books or instruments then an auction house or finding a specialist buyer will be your best option. Brandori explains that you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss selling through the local paper and via social media which have no selling fees.

If you are looking to make a living by selling items, make sure to build relationships with buyers as in the long run, you will be able to sell niche items faster.

In order to maximise your profits, make sure you sell items in the correct season. The demand for camping equipment and designer sandals will peak during the summer, but during the winter, demand will be low.

Watch your pricing and costs

The best way to go about pricing an item is to do your research and find what price similar items sold for. If you overprice the item, nobody will buy it and if you price the item too low, you will undercut yourself and have a loss.

You have to consider shipping costs when you are selling items that cost considerable money to post. You are selling items to create a profit, so ensure your costs do not outweigh your profit.

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Finding time to sell your items may be an issue, which is why placing your items in a storage unit until the right offer comes along will keep your stock safe and secure. Call Spaces and Places today and find a storage unit close to you.