Storage units are not purely for storing items and documents, their inexpensive pricing and easy access have appealed to all types of business owners.

When the UK recession seemed to end, the independent released an article showing how businesses adapted to the loss of business by turning to storage units to help their business begin to thrive again.

Oddbins, Woolworths and HMV were just some of the large retail stores that were hit hard by the recession and to this day, they have either disappeared or are still struggling to make profits like they once did. With one in five shops having to close its doors, many businesses had to make a change before they lost every penny they had. What did they do? Turned to self-storage.

In order to minimise risks, self storage became the obvious answer due to the reasonable costs, flexibility and convenient locations. For start up businesses and businesses that had to cut back in order to survive the recession, self-storage allowed them to start to grow their business again.

Businesses are able to rent as many units as they wish, which means when business is thriving, they are able to expand, but when business becomes slow, they can scale back. At Spaces and Places, we ask for only a week’s notice.

Every entrepreneur had a unique idea and decided to jump in the deep end and create their own business. When a business first starts up, money is tight, which is why it makes perfect sense to work from a storage facility until the business takes off. If you decide to rent in the city centre, any money you make will go on rent and for many businesses, it will take a while to see any profit in their accounts.

Not having the stress of high rent prices, council tax, business rates and being able to claim back any VAT if you are VAT registered, assist in helping profits come quick.

If you are curious to know more about Spaces and Places business storage options, don’t hesitate to get in touch, you may just create your very own success story.