What are The Different Storage Units?

A Quick Look at the Different Types of Storage Units

Do you need to rent a high-quality storage unit in order to protect your valuables when moving house? Perhaps you instead possess important documents that require secure storage solutions. There are many reasons why appreciating the different possibilities is important. Let’s examine some of the unique benfits and uses of storage units.

A Unit for Every Need

There are three storage categories available to choose from:

  • Self storage
  • Business storage
  • Document storage

Self-storage units are generally used for personal items such as household or garden furniture, white goods, artwork, clothing, children’s toys and other bulky yet valuable items which may need to be in safe storage for a certain period of time, such as during a house move, or refurbishment or redecorating of a home. All storage units are available in a number of sizes depending upon your requirements. You only ever pay for the space you need.

Business users also benefit from security and additional space offered by self storage units. These can be excellent solutions if on-site storage is not a possibility or in the event that you require extra space for seasonal or excess stock, or even a targeted solution when changing offices.

These can be excellent solutions if on-site storage is not a possibility or in the event that you require a targeted solution when changing offices.

Storing documents is also a possibility. Households and businesses alike might benefit from the easy access that self storage provides,  as well as the high level of security. Legal documents, customer information, secure data, wills, probate information, stock certificates, and title deeds can all be accommodated with these solutions.

All About Peace of Mind

Modern storage facilities are monitored on 24/7 basis, so security is never an issue.

Furthermore, amenities such as anti-drill padlocks and 24 hour CCTV will help to ensure that your valuable items are never placed in jeopardy.

When these amenities are combined with superior levels of customer support and competitive pricing packages, it becomes clear to understand why Spaces and Places Middlewich has become such a popular solution.

Do you want to learn more about your storage options or do you have a question about which solution is the most appropriate? If so, please contact us at your convenience.