Five Businesses You Can Run from a Storage Unit

Every business started because a person had an idea and a passion to create something that hadn’t been done before. That person could be you. Working from a self-storage unit is not only cost-effective, but it is also convenient and a financially safe option. Read on to learn which ideas have been successful in creating profitable businesses from a storage unit.


Many businesses are in higher demand during certain times of the year due to the product they are selling. During the summer months, you may decide to rent out paddling pools, bouncy castles and even barbecues; the options are endless. During the winter months, you may rent out Christmas decorations, design personal gifts or supply extra dining room items. These business ideas are simple to start up and will allow you to gain extra cash during the season.

Professional eBayer

When you create a business through the internet, visual effects are extremely important. In order to sell items, you need to make sure the background brings the full potential out of the product.


Whether you decide on starting up an editorial business or an importing and exporting business, a storage unit is the best place to start. Over time, as your business increases in demand, you are able to expand and rent more units.

Sole Proprietorship

When you become an entrepreneur, you will notice over time how your home becomes your work zone. Your papers, files and documents will take up the majority of space, and being organised become near impossible. By renting a storage unit, you can separate your work life from your home life as well as keeping your work in order.


If you have knowledge of repairing bicycles, computers or mechanical items; a storage unit allows you to fix these items and store them in a safe environment without cluttering your home or garage.

The beauty of using a storage unit to run a business is that you can rent out more storage units when in high demand and just as easily, decrease the number of storage units if the business is slow. Call Spaces and Places to learn more about renting our business storage units.