Every business understands the dilemmas that take place regarding paperwork. If you own a large business, you will have more paperwork, and the smaller the business, the less storage space. Countless receipts, invoices, agreements and other important paperwork can become overwhelming, especially if you are not organised.

Fortunately for businesses, there is a solution – self-storage!

Safe and Secure

If your business owns paperwork that needs to be kept in a secure location, then a storage unit would be the answer. Storage units offer high levels of security and only you are able to have access to the unit. The added security and CCTV cameras mean that you can be sure your paperwork is kept safe and secure.

Confidentiality is Guaranteed

You are the only person able to access the unit unless you allow other people to use your key. This stops unwanted people searching through confidential information, which may happen if files are left in an open space in the office. Confidentiality is vital for businesses, which means keeping your documents in a secure, safe and reliable unit will give you peace of mind.

Quick and Simple

If you decide that you need a certain document, regardless of the time of day, you will be able to visit the unit and access the document you need with ease.

Instead of searching through a fragmented file system within the office, you can simply head to the storage unit and take the document with you, or scan the document so you are still able to keep the original locked safely away.

More Space to Play With

Space is crucial within a business, especially if you are situated in the city centre where rent prices are extremely high for the amount of space you get. Imagine all the extra space you will gain once you remove all of your filing cabinets and documents. Your office will not only look more spacious, but you now have room to grow your business by appointing extra staff.

More and more businesses are opting to store their documents in self-storage, whether it is due to lack of business space, lack of security or purely for peace of mind, storage units have the answer. Call Spaces and Places today to learn why we are the perfect fit for you.



Every business is not paperless and in fact, have important documents and files that need to be kept in a safe and secure place. If these documents are taking over your workspace, office or home, then it may be time to start thinking about using a storage unit.

Once you have made the decision to keep your workplace neat and tidy and place your documents in self-storage; read on for a few tips to keep in mind when storing.

  1. 1. Make sure each box weighs less than 50lbs. Anything higher than this weight will be hard to move and lift.

2. When packing documents, make sure each box is filled to the top. Use filler material to reach the top of the box and not newspapers as the writing will imprint onto the documents.

3. In order to store documents in a neat and tidy manner, use shelving units. This stops wear and tear on the lower boxes, and also allows you to search for each box more easily.

4. When placing your documents, make sure older documents are at the back of the unit, and documents that you will need to access more often are closer to the front of the unit.

5. Label all boxes. We would advise leaving a spreadsheet near the front of the storage unit that describes where each document is.

6. Do not share keys with many people, use the storage unit like you would save documents on the computer – only certain people are able to access files and the same rules should apply to the storage unit.

At Spaces and Places, we have round the clock CCTV surveillance cameras so relax, your documents are in a secure place.

Spaces and Places also provide cartons and purpose-built racks for you to store your paperwork in our safe and dry units. Whether your business is expanding, or documents are taking over your office, call Spaces and Places to learn which sized unit would benefit you best.