Storage for Students Over Summer


Moving home from University for summer can be an exciting but stressful time.

While students are trying to cram in last minute coursework deadlines, parents are often left wondering how on earth they’re going to fit all their accumulated gear into the spare room.

So if you’re heading back to the parents house for the summer, Spaces and Places bring you a few tips on how to pack and store your stuff in the easiest way possible.

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Half of Britain’s Garages Used to Store Clutter


New research carried out by RAC Home Insurance has revealed that it could be the end of the road for the garage as we know it, as 4.6 million of Brit’s garages are no longer used for their cars.

4 in 10 of the 1000 car owners polled about their garage revealed that their garages were so full of ‘stuff’ that they could no longer fit their car in.

It seems that half of Britain’s motorists have taken to storing clutter, sports equipment and gardening tools in their garages, as our ever-expanding households overflow.

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Doing Business in Manchester


Manchester is home to one of the most vibrant business communities in the country.

From blue-chip companies to global corporations, Manchester has become the economic powerhouse of the North.

With a business infrastructure that is growing year upon year, Spaces and Places are proud to support organisations trading in and around the city.

Manchester has a number of major international organisations on its doorstep, with major offices of Google, BBC, ITV, Kellogg’s and McVities all operating from the city.

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Can Clutter Cause Weight Problems?


Are you living in clutter?

Has a cluttered outside resulted in a cluttered inside?

Your messy living room and overflowing cupboards might seem innocent enough but did you know that your cluttered home could be making you unwell?

In his book ‘Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?’, Peter Walsh explores the idea that clutter is causing us problems with our weight. In an article in the Daily Mail he reveals:

“My premise is simple. If your lifestyle is frantic, it’s likely your diet is suffering. Clutter accumulates because we are out of control. Likewise, weight accumulates because we don’t control it.”

“Many of us have it. The old magazines piled up in the hallway, the boxes of shoes shoved under stairs, a loft overflowing with old toys… the thought of clearing out all that clutter is exhausting, so, although we hate it, we carry on living with it. Just as we carry on with our old eating habits, even though we know they are unhealthy.”

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Going on Holiday? Secure Your Home


The summer holidays are right around the corner, but sadly, figures show that unoccupied homes during the summer are also the perfect opportunity for burglars to strike.


With millions of us travelling abroad every summer, and around 75% of burglaries occurring when a property is unoccupied, it is a good idea to take extra measures to make sure your home and your possessions are safe before you jet off.


We bring you our top tips for ensuring you return home to find everything exactly as you left it!


Don’t advertise

Try not to advertise the fact that you are on holiday to anyone other than friends, neighbours and family. Use social networking sites wisely, and consider security settings and the details you give away about your holiday on sites like Facebook and Twitter.  


Curtains and blinds

While it may seem like a good idea, don’t leave curtains drawn while you are away as this can actually give burglars a stronger indication that you are not there. Simply move your valuables out of reach and sight of windows.


Secure your valuables

Avoid using obvious hiding places like your sock drawer or under the bed. If a thief does make it into your house, these will be the first places they will look. Use a secure, well-hidden location or consider putting your valuables into self-storage while you are away.



Invest in plug-in timers to operate your lights to give potential burglars the impression there’s someone home. Security lights outdoors will illuminate anyone getting a bit too close to your property, which could be a big deterrent for thieves sussing out the area.



Inform your neighbours that you are going away so they can keep an eye on your home while you are gone. If you are on good terms with a trusted neighbour you could leave them with a spare key so they can pick up post, put out bins and open curtains every now and again.


Doors and Windows

Ensure locks on all windows and doors are fitted, working and fully secured before you go.



If you have an alarm system, use it! It can act as an effective deterrent for burglars and if someone does get in then the authorities can be alerted straight away.


With flexible self-storage options from Spaces and Places, you have the option to store possessions and high value items in a secure unit while you are away.


With no long-term contracts or notice periods, you can store your items for a few days or a few weeks, giving you peace of mind that should the worst happen while you are away, your most treasured possessions are safe from the grasp of potential thieves.

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Reinvent Your Home for Summer


As we enter into the first weeks of June, you may be thinking about refreshing your home ready for the summer.

As the days get longer and the weather starts heating up, summer is the perfect season to entertain friends and make the most of your home.

Give your home a new look with some summer decorating projects. We are bringing you our top tips on revitalising your home for the coming months.

1. Incorporate Light Shades

One of the easiest but most effective ways to make a difference in your home is to add a splash of light coloured paint to your walls. Cool neutrals and versatile shades of white

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Real Storage Wars


The four part series ‘Business Boomers,’ broadcast last month on the BBC, delved into areas of business that are still thriving despite the recent recession.

The second episode entitled ‘Real Storage Wars’ discovers how and why Britain came to have the biggest self-storage industry in Europe, when just thirty years ago, the idea of storing items anywhere other than your house was unheard of.

The entertaining BBC documentary went up and down the country to meet the self-storage bosses, compulsive collectors and observers who all make the self-storage industry what it is today.

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Shelves of Unread Books Invade British Homes


Take a few moments to look around your home. Are there unread books bursting from every available corner of your bedroom, loft and bookshelf? If so you’re not alone!

A recent study of 2,000 adults revealed that the average British household harbours around 138 books, but over half have never actually been read. That’s a whopping estimated 3.6 billion books outgrowing homes all over the country.

It seems us Brits just cant let go of our favourite editions, as two thirds of respondents stated that they kept books because they were emotionally attached to them, while a 

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Prepare for Summer Exhibitions with Spaces and Places


So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to take your business or product idea to an exhibition or trade show.

If you want to get maximum benefit from exhibiting you want the show to be as simple and as cost effective as possible, which is why you need a Spaces and Places storage unit.

Spaces and Places storage units are ideal for exhibitors and exhibition build companies, allowing them completely flexible storage solutions at great value. You can add extra 

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Spring Clean Your Home Without Moving


Spring has definitely sprung and what comes hand in hand with the season? Spring-cleaning of course!

Just when we should be thinking about preparing our homes and gardens for summer, it’s often the case that our sheds, garages, and spare rooms are all bursting with stuff that you know you definitely won’t be using anytime soon.

You may be fooled into thinking that a bigger house is the only way you will be able to fit into your home comfortably all year round, however with 77% of us admitting to using ANY remaining space in our homes to hang on to things we probably don’t even use anymore – it’s no wonder that us Brits don’t feel as though we have any room!

The annual spring blitz usually consists of saying goodbye to those thick jumpers, big coats and sets of winter sports equipment in order to make room for summer clothing and garden furniture.

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Take the Stress Out of Moving with Self-Storage


A recent study by Kalmsfound that moving house is the most stressful life event for Brits; with 37 per cent saying nothing has caused them more anxiety.

Money is a significant worry for movers, with budgets being a major stress factor for half the population when moving house.

Other concerns when moving house include selling an existing property (53%), exchanging contracts (50%) dealing with solicitors, and organising surveys.

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Why are University Students Using Self Storage?


There are all sorts of reasons why more and more students are taking advantage of self-storage facilities.

The nature of student life means that you are often stuck in a small room with not much space to store your possessions. We can cater for all kinds of requirements from sports equipment to furniture, leaving you to enjoy the precious bit of space you do have!

Likewise, coming home from University at the end of term can be a big shock when you realise just how much stuff you have accumulated!

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