Start your spring clean with a declutter

Posted on May 13, 2011

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Most people would admit to owning and keeping lots of unwanted items that end up taking up valuable space in their homes. Before your spring clean have a spring clear-out and get those unwanted items out of the house once and for all. Follow our 6 point plan to minimise the disruption and maximise the effectiveness: 1.    Make a date Set a date to start and stick to it. Check the weather forecast – a
Shifting from one location to another might give you a headache. However, there are many movers and packers that offer self-storage facilities and take care of your need for storage units. Before using the units for self-storage, do keep in mind the following useful tips that will ensure that your valuables and family heirloom are kept safely: Plan the way you wish to use the self-storage units. Proper planning will make your self-storage efficient and
The space that people have in their homes for storage has been shrinking with the increasing number of household items, hence has forced the people to switch to self-storage as a solution to cluttered personal and business lives. The use of self-storage units gives you the freedom to store all types of goods, valuable items, household stuff, archived records and belongings in specialist facilities. These self-storage units provide you with an option to have: Your